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Why Your Business Needs Copywriting – A Beginner’s Guide

When someone writes your business’ copy, it is usually for a reason. The copywriter probably has an idea of what the goal of the content is and how they intend to get there. However, without some kind of guide to tell them how to write, everything could go horribly wrong.

Since businesses can get quite complex, breaking it down into steps can really help. This way you’ll have everything written down and won’t have to worry about making massive errors due to not knowing the right way to word things. You can also give your copywriter some direction on what you want to achieve with the content and how you want it to read, helping them to create something tailor-made to fit your business.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the branch of writing that focuses on creating material for others to read. In some ways, it is like SEO (search engine optimization), except that copywriting occurs at the tactical level (one piece of content at a time).

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of tasks designed to help your website or blog to rank higher in search engine results. The higher your website ranks in search results, the more people will be able to find it when they search for your product or service.

Ranking well in search results is one of the best ways to generate organic traffic to your site. Organic traffic is the type of traffic you get from people who found your content through search engines rather than through traditional advertising.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Copywriter?

To start with, having a copywriter on staff is almost always a good idea. The role of a copywriter is to take all the dry information about your business and transform it into engaging and entertaining content that will compel your target audience to act.

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. Trying to handle copywriting as a side gig is probably not the best use of your time. Hiring a professional is the simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure that all your content marketing is done right.

What are the Most Popular Services for Copywriting?

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is a type of marketing where people recommend products or services that they have heard of or used. This type of marketing is often considered to be the most effective because the recommendation came from someone who is already your customer, or potential customer. When your customers or potential customers trust you enough to tell others about what they love about your product or service, you can be sure that they will be back for more.

An example of WOM marketing would be when Apple, a technology company, decides to promote Macbook Air as a gift for someone special. In this example, Apple is doing the writing (the copy) and Bizzabo is doing the marketing (getting the word out there). When someone clicks on a link to the product or service on Macbook Air’s website, they’ll be directed to the Bizzabo website, where they can create a gift card with a message to give to the person they love. The end result is that Apple earns the trust of the customer and gains valuable brand loyalty in the process.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC, or pay per click advertising, is another type of advertising where you pay a fee each time someone clicks on an ad. These ads might pop up when a person is searching for a product or service that your business provides. Since you pay per click, you’ll want to make sure that the ad is relevant to what the person is searching for. If you don’t want to pay for every click, you can try out sponsored posts, where you’ll show up at the end of a post on a person’s blog. This way you’ll only pay when someone actually clicks on the post.

Social Media Advertising

If Facebook is your biggest social media channel, then you might want to consider paying $10 to $20 for each post. Since people already trust Facebook to tell them what is going on with their friends, it is a perfect place for your business to promote itself.

Depending on how frequently you use social media to promote your business, it might be a good idea to hire someone to help with online content so you can focus on growing your business.

Guest Blogging

When you guest blog on other sites, you are essentially giving the blog owner free content in exchange for an article about your product or service. Usually, you’ll need to have a lot of content ready to go at a moment’s notice, so make sure you put in the work to make sure you have enough to offer. If you’re looking for a low-cost way to get some content out there, then guest blogging is a great option.

Creating Online Content

If none of the above seem like a fit for your business, then you might want to consider creating your own blog or station to house your content. In addition to being a good place for product reviews and tips, your own blog can also become a good source of training for new employees, a way to keep up with the latest news and trends, and a place to establish your expertise.

When you create content for your blog, you have a chance to make sure that everything is done uniquely for your business. The best part is that you can do all of this with little to no experience. What you need is motivation and a little bit of imagination. Once you’re blogging, you can’t go back, so make sure you put in the work to make the most of it.

The Benefits of Business Blogging

Blogs can be quite beneficial to a business because they are usually quick and easy to set up. If you are looking for a way to get more people to your site, then a business blog is a great place to start. You can get the ball rolling on an informational site or education-based blog in no time at all, and then build from there.

From an SEO standpoint, blogs can be great because they usually have few words and are usually updated frequently. This makes the content more digestible for search engines and people looking for content on a specific topic. The fact that the content is constantly changing also means that it is always relevant to what the person is searching for.

Steps to Creating an Informational Blog

To start an info blog, you will need to choose a niche and then begin creating content on a regular basis. Once you have a decent number of articles published, you can begin expanding the site into a platform that will allow you to monetize the content. Make sure to choose a brand name that is short and easily memorable, as well as search-engine optimized.

To begin creating content for your brand new site, simply choose a topic that you are either knowledgeable about or passionate about. Once you’ve picked your topic, you can begin to research and build out a library of articles that will be useful to your target audience. When someone is looking for information on your topic, they’ll be directed to your site. So, make sure that you establish your credibility early on.

To create an informative blog for a BIZZABLO web design company, for example, you could write about SEO basics or you could choose a niche like real estate or law because you are an expert in those areas. Your content should always be backed by evidence that you are an expert in your field, whether that is through case studies, statistics, or articles from authoritative sources.

The Steps to Guest Blogging

To start guest blogging, you will need to identify a few blogs that you think will be interested in your content. Once you’ve found a few blogs that seem promising, begin pitching your ideas to the blog owners. If they like your ideas, they will usually ask you to submit an article, which you’ll then need to craft into a winning piece. Guest blogging is a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field because it shows that you are being proactive about your career.


Since you are not creating fiction, you do not have to worry about creating compelling story lines or pulling back the veil on some fantastic fake life. With non-fiction, the aim is simply to provide useful information that will entertain or educate the reader. As long as you are providing original content that is at the very least well-written, you are on the right track to being rewarded for your efforts.