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Why Does Writing Matter on the Job?

You have a career, a profession, a calling. You’ve chosen a path in life that you feel passionate about and that allows you to use your skills and expertise to serve others. You might be thinking about applying for a job in sales, customer service, or accounting. You might read diverse articles on the subject, trying to find the right fit. But…why does writing matter for your job search and for your career in general?

Let’s examine this question from both sides. From the perspective of a job searcher, why should you consider applying for a job that requires writing, communicating, or analyzing? What is the benefit to the employer?

As a job seeker, you are searching for the right fit. You want to find a position that suits your skills and that allows you to use your talents to the fullest. You might seek out a job in information technology (IT) corporate America, where your skills can be applied through software development or project management. But you are a personable, intelligent individual, and you believe that there is more than one path to personal and professional success. So you explore other options.

You considered applying for an internship or a job as an entry-level assistant. Perhaps you even took a writing course in college with the goal of getting a job in publishing. Maybe you’ve even published a book and are now looking to build a portfolio of your work. Or, you might be passionate about humanitarian work and want to find a job working with refugees or in development. Regardless of your specific skills and interests, you want to find a job that allows you to: utilize your talents, build your resume, and express your interests.

Why Does Writing Matter?

Now let’s look at this question from the employer’s perspective. What is their experience with employees who are talented writers? What is their view of the importance of writing in a job?

To begin with, skilled writers can be an excellent source of quality content for an online publication, magazine, or website. If you are a highly skilled writer, you can take advantage of the internet to publish your articles, create blogs, and build your own platform. You might also consider applying for a copywriting position with one of the top-tier web design companies.

Although most businesses and organizations can benefit from content marketing, there are clear advantages to having a voice, a pen, and a blog. Employees who are talented writers can create content that is fresh, informative, and engaging. It’s a win-win for the business and the employee.

In the eyes of an employer, a highly skilled, versatile writer presents several advantages. The first is that you can be certain that your content is of a high quality. Employers can also benefit from your unique perspective, discovering new ideas and approaching topics from a fresh and alternative angle. Finally, a skilled writer provides a means of documenting past experiences and creating a portfolio that can be used to show future employers your potential. All in all, the advantages to the employer are many.

So, as you can see, there are several benefits to both the job seeker and the employer when it comes to writing. But there is one more crucial reason why writing matters on the job and that is diversity.

What is diversity, you might ask? Simply put, diverse writing is writing that is inclusive of more than one perspective or that shows a diverse range of points of view. In this way, diverse writing is fundamentally different from the same old, boring, or repetitive writing. It isn’t that the writing is bad, it’s just that it isn’t diverse enough. Inclusively written content allows for a broader perspective, new ideas, and potentially, greater engagement from the reader. This is something that any business, whether large or small, can benefit from.

Why Should You Pursue Diversity?

There is clear and present danger in assuming that writing, editing, or communications for the same organization or corporate entity are going to be the same. The more diverse your writing, the greater the chance that you will include new ideas, demonstrate talent, and engage an audience. As a job seeker, you are looking for an opportunity to utilize your God-given or professional talents to the best of your ability. For those of you who are searching for a career in sales, customer service, or accounting, consider the benefits of diverse writing. For the rest of you, who are looking for a job in publishing, consider the advantages of a writing platform, blog, or content for the internet. Regardless of your specific skills and interests, if you are a versatile, intelligent individual who wants to become more than just a functionary at a corporation, consider applying for a job in writing, editing, or communications. Remember to use the website to gain access to a wide array of job opportunities, all at your fingertips.