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Why Creative Writing Is Important for Everyone

Everyone is talking about creative writing these days. From Hollywood hopefuls aiming for a cinematic breakthrough, to people who just want to be able to put a novel or short story on paper, the demand for someone to write it for them is soaring.

Why is creative writing increasingly important? It’s a complex issue, not necessarily tied to one particular facet of life, but stemming from a confluence of factors which are contributing to its growing appeal.

1. Creative Writing As A Means Of Self-expression

In a world swarming with content producers and content curators, the need to be able to express yourself creatively is more important than ever before. Whether you want to draw, paint, or write, with the options of various creative outlets available to us on social media, there’s no denying that we have choices as to how we wish to present ourselves to the world.

For those whose talents lie in the writing sphere, the ability to write creatively can be a great way to communicate your ideas and feelings. Whether you choose to do this through fiction or non-fiction, creative writing provides a flexible canvas upon which you can paint your own unique picture of the world.

2. Creative Writing As A Means Of Personal Growth

In a world where being oneself is often viewed as a weakness, creative writing is a great way to challenge this. Whether you explore the traumas of growing up in your own words or mine, cathartic writing provides a safe space where you can experiment and try out new ideas.

Emerging from your writing into public view can also provide you with the courage to be more of yourself. Even if what you have to say is unpopular or controversial, by expressing yourself in this way, you run the risk of making a connection with an audience who might not have been your intended audience for your previous work. To quote William Faulkner, “You write not to please men, but to please yourselves, because being selfish is not sinful, it is simply human.”

3. Creative Writing As A Means Of Social Justice

In today’s world, the ability to write critically is becoming more essential than ever before. Whether you want to examine the social structures which shape our world or you seek to highlight the ways in which minorities are oppressed, creative writing provides a space for you to do this. Whether you choose to write fiction or non-fiction, you can use your creative efforts to shed light on issues most people remain silent about.

The increasing prominence of ‘mic-jacking’ in today’s society, where people shout out what’s on their mind without fear of appearing rude or disrespectful, is also helping to pave the way for more open and honest conversation.

In a world where being yourself is often times viewed as a weakness, creating a persona and writing in a way which appeals to an audience of one, is a great way to challenge this. If you ever feel that your identity is being restricted, whether through social media or otherwise, creative writing can provide an outlet for you to express yourself in a way which will allow you to discover who you truly are.

The need to be able to write creatively is more important than ever before. Whether you want to write a letter to your loved ones or you need someone to talk to, sitting down with a pad and a pen is always the best way to go.