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Who is John Carlton? An Overview of the Man Behind the Carlton Copywriting Company

John Carlton (his name is pronounced “car-ling”) is a copywriter, public speaker, and author best known for his work with the Carlton Copywriting Company. He also created and runs the John Carlton Institute, which trains professionals in various industries to be better copywriters. In this article, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of his biography and the man behind the Carlton Copywriting Company. We’ll cover everything from his early life to his career to his personal interests. So, read on and learn more about John Carlton.


John was born John Carlton Dobbs in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1958. He spent his childhood years in Tennessee before moving to San Francisco at the age of 18. There he attended the University of San Francisco and received a bachelors in Communications in 1980. It was during his time at the University of San Francisco that he met his wife, Wendy. They were married in 1984 and have two children together, Katie and Ethan. In 1988, John obtained his Master’s degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins University. Since then, he’s been working as a copywriter and pursuing his professional interests. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. You can learn more about John’s history and the beginnings of the Carlton Copywriting Company on his personal website,


Having graduated from college, John began his career as a copywriter at the advertising agency Hill & Knowlton. While there, he worked on several hugely successful campaigns, including the McDonald’s “Great Taste” campaign and the Kia Motors “Design for a Better Tomorrow” campaign. Most notably, he worked on the Reebok “I Can (and Will) Do Better” campaign, which turned the tide of public opinion against the popular brand. It was during his time at Hill & Knowlton that he began honing his professional skills and developed a knack for writing effective ad copy. As a result of his efforts, he was named senior vice president and creative director at Hill & Knowlton in 1994. But as exciting as the work was, it wasn’t personal. That is, he wasn’t passionate about what he was doing. It was a job, and he was good at it. In 1998, he left Hill & Knowlton and became a freelance copywriter. Since then, he’s been working on various projects for brands such as Subway, HP, Adidas, and Subway. His clients have included large Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.


Apart from his professional career, John is also involved in a number of other aspects of life. He’s an avid hiker and enjoys taking long nature walks. He also likes to read and is a voracious collector of books. When he’s not working, you can probably find him with a book in his hands or on his phone. He also enjoys playing guitar, going to concerts, and visiting museums. And last but not least, he’s a renowned car collector and frequently shows off his collection in various photos on social media. On his personal website, he lists his interests as “family, friends, good food, travel, nature, and books”. He also notes that he is “constantly evolving” and that his interests “change depending on where [he] is in [his] life”.

There, now you know everything you need to know about John Carlton. For more information on the man behind the Carlton Copywriting Company, check out his LinkedIn profile or explore the various websites linked from this article.