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Which System of Japanese Writing Should I Learn?

In order to become fluent in Japanese, you’ll need to learn more than just the language. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with a unique writing system known as Kanji. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Japanese writing, including how to write letters, how to make requests, and much more!

Key Facts About Japanese

Although English and French remain the most popular second languages, Japanese is now the third most spoken language globally. This is largely thanks to the rise of the machine translation and the internationalization of business and education. For example, over 1.5 million students are currently studying in either Japanese or Chinese (Mandarin) in some shape or form, with the number projected to reach 2.2 million by next year.

Even more impressively, over 160 million copies of the Japanese classic ‘Madame Bovary’ have been sold since its publication in 1897, making it the best-selling novel of all time in Japan. If you’re a fan of literary classics, you can’t go wrong with Japanese literature!

What Is Kanji?

Kanji is Japanese writing and it is one of the most complicated systems that you’ll ever need to learn. The reason it is so complicated is that it was originally created to be used in conjunction with Chinese writing, but it was later adapted to serve as a standalone system. Due to its intricate nature, many Japanese consider kanji to be the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of written languages. Why? It allows for the intermixing of Japanese and Chinese characters, making it easier for learners of either language to understand one another. There are over 2000 kanji in common use today, with newer characters being introduced every year. Due to their limited availability and the number of characters, it’s easy to see why many Japanese natives prefer to write in kana.

How Do I Learn Japanese?

If possible, you’ll want to learn Japanese as a second language. There are many great reasons for this, such as:

  • The world’s third most spoken language
  • A great deal of academic material
  • Many job opportunities
  • English is mostly used for interpersonal communication, while Japanese is mostly used for business and legal matters
  • Many older generations still use Japanese
  • The ability to read traditional Japanese literature
  • Many cultural similarities

One of the best ways to learn Japanese is through an immersive experience. There are several great apps and blogs that can guide you through the entire process of learning Japanese, from writing practice to exam preparation. For example, JapanesePod101 is a free app that can help you learn to write and speak the language, as well as provide you with a rich cultural experience. If you want to learn to write in Japanese, this is one of the best places to start. You can also check out their YouTube channel for more lessons!

Where Do I Use Japanese?

Since Japanese is one of the most popular languages to learn, it follows that there are many situations where you’ll use it. Here are just a few examples: