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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Online Writing Jobs

It’s no secret that the freelance writing world can be tough. There are so many outlets and so many competition for those few jobs. That’s why you need to develop your own personal brand and find ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to achieve this is by increasing your web presences. Having a greater number of sites may not seem like a great advantage, but the fact is that Google is a very competitive engine and having multiple sites allows you to inject little bits of content into many different locations and target audiences, which in turn, makes you much more valuable to an employer. Moreover, having a few well-placed articles on the topic of your expertise can dramatically improve your chances of being chosen for a particular contract. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how you can begin optimizing your online footprint and finding suitable online writing jobs to enhance your income.

Build A Portfolio

The first and most important step to securing freelance writing jobs is to build a portfolio. This means having a variety of articles, blogs, and some code samples that you can use to demonstrate your skills. Some of the best resources to create a portfolio are the freelancing platforms themselves. Many of these sites have a built-in portfolio button which makes it easy for you to display your work and connect with potential clients. Keep in mind the importance of SEO when building your portfolio. Having a variety of articles across different platforms gives you the advantage of being discoverable and allows you to gain more exposure. Also, ensure that the articles are of high quality and demonstrate your expertise. In this way, you can improve your income as a freelancer while also growing your personal brand.

Focus On One Income Stream

It’s important to have multiple revenue streams, but you need to focus on one and develop it. Consider what you are passionate about and committed to. It might be product writing or copywriting for a business or consulting for a company. Whatever it is, you need to find a way to translate that interest and expertise into a financially rewarding venture. For instance, if you are passionate about sustainability, you might want to consider becoming a green consultant. That’s a lucrative field that allows you to make a living while also advocating for what you believe in.

Grow A Relevant Linkedin Group

Linkedin is a massive professional network that connects nearly four million professionals with over 500 million users. If you’ve been doing any form of marketing, you’ll know that Linkedin is a goldmine for potential clients. What sets Linkedin apart from other social media sites is that it is highly relevant to your target audience. If you’re looking for product development opportunities, you can join a relevant Linkedin group and begin to build your network. The best part about Linkedin groups is that you can create them around a niche or topic of interest, which makes it a great place to find like-minded individuals who are also actively looking for work. In this way, you can begin to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field while also gaining reputation and visibility.

Join A Society Of Writers

Joining a society of writers is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field and to gain credibility. If you’re looking for web content opportunities, you can take advantage of the reach of a society of writers and join one of the many organizations that provide content to members. The great thing about these societies is that you don’t necessarily have to write for the publication, as there will often be other projects that you can get involved in. For instance, if you’re a business author, you can join the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and start to build your network. Alternatively, if you’re a freelance journalist, you can join the Journalism and Media Alliance (4J’s) to build your digital portfolio. These societies will also provide you with the opportunity to showcase your work to potential clients.

Secure Testimonials

Having clients and customers who are willing to provide testimonials can be extremely valuable. The fact is that consumers trust those they know, like, and trustworthiness. If you are able to secure some fantastic testimonials from reputable clients, this will go a long way to boosting your credibility as an expert. There are numerous ways to get testimonials, like offering a money-back guarantee or a free upgrade for a limited time, but you need to be smart about how you go about getting them. The best way to do this is to ask for them in your communications with potential clients. For instance, you can say, “I understand that you may be skeptical about my abilities, but I would really like the opportunity to prove you wrong and earn your business. Would you be willing to give me a testimonial to share with my colleagues?”

Secure A Spot In The Media

If you’re looking for brand exposure, securing a spot in the media, whether it be print or audio, can be an excellent way to gain credibility as an expert in your field. In this way, you can build a brand for yourself by getting mentioned in the media alongside reputable companies and experts. Of course, this takes a little bit of research and planning, but it’s definitely worth it. As an example, if you’re passionate about wine and you want to become a wine writer, securing a spot on a wine website or in a relevant magazine may be a great way to build your brand and gain credibility.

Secure High-Quality Content

If you’re looking for web content opportunities, ensure that the articles, blogs, and other forms of digital content that you produce are of a high quality. In the same way that you wouldn’t put out shoddy work when selling your physical products, you shouldn’t expect to get shoddy work when hiring a freelancer to develop content for you. Of course, you need to be realistic here and acknowledge that not every article or blog post will be of the highest quality. However, you can always hire an editor to polish your material or ask a friend or colleague to review your work before it is published.

Stay In Touch With The Latest Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends is critical if you want to be a successful freelance writer. This means learning the tools, techniques, and platforms that your peers are using to maximize their impact and build their portfolios. For instance, if you’re passionate about green living, you might want to consider researching the most eco-friendly products and appliances and writing about them. Not only will this make you an authority in your field, but it will also make you money while also being environmentally conscious.

As the adage goes, “the money is in the list,” and in today’s world of digital marketing, social media, and SEO, having a greater number of website and social media profiles means greater opportunity to earn income. Ultimately, having a greater number of sites and platforms also means greater opportunity to connect with potential clients, build a portfolio, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. When you combine all of this with the fact that the cost of web hosting and digital marketing continues to decline, the appeal of an online writing career is undeniable.