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How to Find Copywriting Clients?

Getting a client is one of the benefits of being a freelance copywriter. But finding clients can be hard. That’s because there’s a lot of competition for businesses looking for online content, and even more competition for businesses who are looking to outsource copywriting or editing services.

If you’re looking for clients, here are some of the best tips and strategies for making your life a little bit easier.

Focus On The Long Term

The most profitable strategy is to focus on the long term. Even when you’re starting out, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Sure, you may have an initial payment from a client, but you’re still in the business of selling your valuable time and talents. So, it’s important to look at the bigger picture and remember what you’re really in it for.

Be Selective

Be selective about which businesses you approach with your proposal. You don’t want to throw your hat in the ring and end up overanxious to try and land a job, even if it’s just to cover your basic living costs. So, take a step back and consider which businesses you can realistically try and break into. Then, make a shortlist of possible clients.


If you’re looking for web content, consider focusing on a specific niche. In today’s digital world, it’s all about having the right keywords in the right place, and having the right content at the right time. When you’re freelancing, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and write whatever comes to mind. But, staying focused on a specific niche will allow you to develop a following and prove yourself to potential clients. Once you’ve established yourself within a specific niche, you can broaden your search to include other industries.

Blogs & Social Media

Blogs and social media are essential to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. If the businesses you’re targeting are interested in what you have to say, they’ll be able to find you. When possible, establish a blog around a particular niche.

The great thing about blogs is that you can easily add value to them through and ongoing series of articles, like the one you’re reading now. In addition to establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, you can also use blogs to build a following, which in turn will attract potential clients. If you’re looking to build a following, consider starting a blog for your industry. Also, take the time to develop an engaging social media strategy. This strategy will help you to interact with your potential customers, while also allowing you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Businesses Need Valuable Content

The content you create for businesses will be valuable. It depends on the industry, but as a general rule of thumb, the more valuable the content, the harder it will be to sell. The reason is that businesses don’t often have the time to go through all the content they find useless. So, if you can provide them with valuable content, you’ll increase the chance of them choosing your services.

Include Call-to-actions

Include call-to-actions in your content to increase the chance of your readers taking the desired action. For example, if you’re writing content for a travel agency, include links in your article to booking websites or to relevant travel blogs. The goal is to generate as many leads as possible, which will eventually turn into sales.

Avoid Free Blogging Platforms

Avoid free blogging platforms like and These are easy to set up and you don’t have to pay a penny to begin with. Plus, you can always find free alternatives if you’re not happy with what they have to offer. However, established blogging platforms like and allow you to connect with some of the most authoritative figures in your industry, as well as to create and customize your blog platform to fit your personality.

Get A Professional Looking Site & Branding

It wouldn’t hurt to spend a few hundred dollars on a nice, professional-looking domain name and brand identity. Even a small investment in a professionally designed site can give you a leg up in gaining credibility with potential clients. If you want to create a small business that generates revenue online, consider investing in a professionally designed site.

The reason why we’ve gone over so much detail about finding clients is that it’s not always easy to break into the industry you’ve chosen. If you’re looking for freelance copywriting jobs, consider focusing on well-known brands in your industry. As an example, if you’re a financial journalist, you might want to consider writing for Forbes or the Wall Street Journal. These are well-known publications, which will help you stand out from the crowd. What’s more, being associated with these brands will give you credibility with potential clients.

Being a freelance copywriter can be quite lucrative. Just remember that you’ll have to put in the time and effort to find your first few clients. But, with a bit of patience and some clever strategy, you’ll be able to land the job you deserve.