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Where to Find Beauty Blog Writing Jobs?

Looking for a new challenge? Interested in exploring the world of beauty blogging? Want to write for one of the biggest and most popular beauty blogs in the world? You can do all of that and more by becoming a beauty blogger for Glamour Media!

What is Glamour Media?

Glamour Media is a global brand that focuses on women’s lifestyle, featuring products for your beauty, home, and care needs. From humble beginnings in 1963, the company currently operates in 77 countries and has over 2,500 retail stores spanning 4 continents including over 150 exclusive brand stores.

Why should you consider Glamour Media?

Well, for one thing, there are plenty of writing opportunities available if you want to explore the world of beauty blogging. Moreover, while the outfit mainly publishes beauty-related content, it also covers other topics including fashion and lifestyle. Finally, the pay is pretty good – at least for now. As of March 2020, you can expect to make around £18-20k per year plus a potential OTE of £25-30k

The Opportunity

If you’re interested in exploring the world of beauty blogging, you’ll come across many different opportunities. At the moment, Glamour Media is actively seeking beauty bloggers to join their team. If you’re looking for an experience, the company’s website features an interesting array of jobs that you can pursue. From content strategy to copywriting, you can get involved in all aspects of the industry. More details can be found here.

Where to Find Similar Jobs?

If you’re looking to jump into a career in beauty blogging, you’ll have to look for similar jobs to build your resume. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but bear in mind that not all salons are created equal. You’ll need to discover the best places to get your hair done if you want to succeed as a beauty blogger. Moreover, look for opportunities where you can gain experience. For example, if you’re interested in fashion blogging, you might want to consider applying for a job at a fashion magazine. This will give you an insight into the industry and let you get your feet wet. As for the pay, $20k is still a good salary for a beginner. Moreover, many fashion magazines and websites offer an interesting variety of jobs that you can pursue even if you don’t want to become a journalist. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in this option. More details can be found here.