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Where Can You Sell Your Ebook?

With the increasing popularity of ebooks, it’s important to determine where you can sell and how you can promote your work. There are plenty of places online where you can list your ebook for sale, but what all these platforms have in common is that they are all predominately based in the U.S. If you’re looking to expand your book’s reach, it’s time to consider international markets.

The Benefits Of International Markets

Selling books is a great way to make money, and with traditional publishing houses no longer in the picture, it’s up to authors to find alternative means of publication. One of the major benefits of international markets is that you can choose the price you want to sell your book for. In the U.S. the average price for a bestselling novel is $15, but if you want to make a little bit on the side you can sell your book for $2. In other countries, like Germany, you can get away with charging three times as much for a book.

Other than price, another major benefit of international markets is that you can choose the language in which you want to sell your book (or at least offer it for sale). If you write in English, but want to sell your book in German, you can do so without having to learn the language. It’s also a great way to gain experience, since most of the worlds’ top ebook markets are located in countries like Germany, Japan, and the U.K. If you’re looking for a new home for your book, these are the places to be. And if you want to learn more about German and Japanese markets, check out this informative guide to pitching your book in Germany and Japan.

Where To Submit Your Manuscript

One of the first places you should consider when you want to sell your book is the international version of P.O. Box. The advantage of this submission platform is that you can reach a global audience within seconds. Unlike other platforms where you need to create an account and go through an approval process, with P.O. Box, all you need is a Gmail address and you can get started immediately. Once you’ve set up your account with this service, all you need to do is fill out the questionnaire about your book and you’ll be able to send it in. One of the biggest perks of this platform is that you don’t need to worry about formatting your ebook for different devices, as it will be done for you. Another great option for those who want to sell their book quickly and effortlessly is self-publishing platforms like Hubbard Media. They will take care of everything from getting your book printed to selling it online. This is a great choice for those who want to try their hand at writing a book and don’t want to deal with all the details involved in publishing one themselves.

Signing Up For Competing Platforms

There are plenty of other places online where you can list your ebook for sale, including B&N, Amazon, Goodreads, and Apple Books. The disadvantage of these platforms is that you’re not necessarily limited to selling your book internationally. These platforms sign you up for marketing emails from the companies that sell the books, which can become spammy over time. Another setback is that you need to format your book for different devices. On the other hand, if you want to keep the focus of your book marketing on other markets, these platforms are a great choice because you don’t need to think about translation or retailing abroad. If you write in English, you can upload your book to Amazon Kindle and begin marketing it immediately – the major downside is that you’ll need a U.S. account to do so. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to sign up for a free Amazon account to sell your ebook. It’s also best to avoid Barnes and Nobles as a venue for selling your book, as they have strict guidelines about how much space you’re allowed to promote other products within your book. There is no such thing as an independent author or small press finding a home at Barnes and Nobles. In order to sell your book at this popular bookstore, you need to sign up with KINDLE first – which, as stated before, is a paid service. If you don’t have a U.S. phone number or credit card, you’ll need to wait until you’re traveling to the U.S. to make a purchase at Barnes and Nobles – unless you want to get a special authorization code to use for online transactions when you arrive.

Ebooks: The Future Of Publishing

As print on paper becomes more of a thing of the past, so does its counterpart: the paperback. Thanks to the ebook, the traditional paper magazine, and the blogosphere, breaking news, and popular culture, information, and entertainment have been changed forever. Ebooks are here to stay, and the only question is: where will you sell your ebook? When it comes to international markets, the sky is the limit. With prices lower and the opportunity for more revenue, it’s an attractive option for budding authors.