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When You Get Paid by the Word – What’s a Decent Pay for Writing?

Most people dream of becoming writers, but few know how much money they’ll need to live on. The average annual salary for a freelance writer is £30,000, and it’s likely to rise as more and more people turn to online gig-working to make ends meet. If you’re wondering if writing is for you, then consider these figures. They might give you a good idea of what you should be paying for. Things to consider include whether you want to write for publications or platforms like Kindle or Google Play, the number of articles you’ll need to write per week, and whether you want to work for brands or businesses.

The Year’s Best Freelancing Blogs For 2020

Last year, we were all inundated with pandemic content. Many of us who write for a living found ourselves with more time on our hands, and an ever-expanding digital sphere provided us with many opportunities for content creation. As a result, we saw an increase in the number of people freelancing and in the diversity of the content available to consume online. This trend is set to continue in the coming years with the rise of virtual schooling and the opportunity to learn from a distance. In light of this, it’s important to keep up-to-date with what’s trending in the world of freelancing and what types of content are being rewarded. This way, you’ll be sure to write in the right spirit and with the right motivation.

The Rise Of Online Gig-Working

The gig-working economy is a relatively new concept, but one which is set to have a significant impact on the future of employment. Thanks to the rise of online platforms like Upwork and Freelancer, more people are able to access freelance work from the comfort of their homes. According to the UK’s Federation of Master Craftsmen, one in five homes now has a digital nomad working from home, and 78% of freelancers said they’d prefer to work from home. Aside from the flexibility this option affords, freelancers also reported that being able to work remotely improved their productivity. In fact, one in four said they were more efficient working remotely, and nearly half said they got more done in daily, long-hours.

Remote work isn’t for everyone – if you get bored of working alone, you’ll quickly find yourself disconnected from the society around you. However, for those who are able to reap the benefits of this approach, freelance writing could become a lucrative vocation.

What’s Your Motivation?

It’s important to understand what your motivation is before you begin any type of career. Are you interested in fame? Do you want to make a lot of money? Or, perhaps, you want to use your talents to better the lives of others. In that case, consider a career in medicine, legal advice, or teaching.

It’s also important to establish what you expect from this job going forward. Do you want to be paid by the hour or do you want to be paid by the word? Are you looking for a long-term or short-term project? Researching the market before you begin will help you establish what will be expected of you going forward, and it will give you a better idea of whether or not this is the right career move for you.

The Demand For Articles

One important factor to consider when determining your earnings is the demand for the types of articles you’ll be writing. For instance, while popular blog posts can make you a decent amount of money, it will likely not be enough to sustain you in the long term. However, if you’re looking for a steady flow of income, then consider becoming an expert in a particular subject area and then, eventually, pivoting to write about other topics that are in demand. Writing is a flexible career option, and there will always be work for someone who’s able to produce quality content regularly. This can be for a business, brand, or influencer, so long as you have the ability to perform well in an online capacity.

The Short-Lists Approach

We’re all for lengthy research when it comes to our favorite hobbies and interests, but sometimes, the shortest route is the best route. If you’re looking to make quick cash, then consider taking on short-lists of customers for whom you will write product reviews. You’ll need to perform some research into the products you’re reviewing, but the income can be satisfactory, especially if you’re reviewing products for brands that are well-known for their high-quality goods. This option gives you the flexibility to fit around your other work obligations, so long as you’ve got a decent WiFi connection and a quiet home or workspace.

Pricing For Each Project

Another important consideration is how you want to be paid for your work. Do you want to be paid per-word or per-project? Most writers will opt for the latter, as it allows for greater flexibility and, usually, greater earnings. However, if you’re looking for a stable salary then opt for the former, as it’ll bring in more predictable earnings.

Some clients will prefer to pay per-project and some will prefer to pay per-word, so be sure to establish on which you’ll rely when bidding for a particular project. The more you know the customer, the better you can determine the appropriate price-point for the work.

Where Do You Want To Work?

Once you’ve decided that freelance writing is a viable career option for you, the next step is to figure out where you’ll work. Depending on where you live, the amount of sunshine, and the climate, there are various places you can base yourself. Consider the UK’s south-east as a potential home for you and your family. If you’ve got a garden, you can grow some of your own food and find ingredients to cook with that you wouldn’t normally get locally. This could increase both your self-reliance and your productivity, as well as lowering your food costs overall. It would be beneficial to have a permanent address and a doorbell that doesn’t stop ringing – imagine the interactions that could occur between all of the different people that pass by your doorstep! A change of scene every now and then is also important for your mental health.

There are various cities, towns, and villages around the UK that are thriving, and it’s an encouraging fact that the most lucrative areas to live in are those that are most vibrant, too. Consider moving to the North West in the next few years, as new homes and jobs are arising in the area due to increased automation and AI. These factors are likely to result in a rise of the number of digital nomads and remote workers, so if you’re looking for a new community, then consider moving there soon.

Final Takeaway

If you’re wondering if writing is a viable career option for you, then consider all of the above. Even if you’ve never considered yourself as a writer, take some time to review what would be required of you in order to become one. Finally, remember the importance of finding a comfortable workspace and a place for you to eat and sleep. Without these, all of the other considerations are meaningless. You might not love every aspect of this job, but at least you’ll love what it has brought you. And that, my friend, is truly something to be proud of.