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The Most Important Time to Learn Cursive Writing

Learning cursive writing can be very challenging for students. Teachers generally prefer to use block printing or computer fonts for writing assignments, since these methods of instruction make it easier for them to control the students’ handwriting. Still, there are multiple good reasons why you should learn to write in cursive. Let’s explore a few of them.

It Develops Your Handwriting

One of the most obvious reasons to learn cursive is to develop your handwriting. When you write in cursive, your hand gestures become more relaxed and flowing. You don’t have to hold the pen in the same position for very long. Your arm and hand will automatically follow the movements of your brain, producing a unique and pleasant style. This is why, even though modern educators primarily use block printing or computer fonts, there is still a certain appeal to cursive handwriting, at least for students of young age.

Brings Closure

Cursive writing also provides the learner with a sense of closure. When you complete a written assignment in cursive, you really feel like you’ve finished something. The act of writing itself is both satisfying and rewarding. Even more so when you do it properly. When you write a letter in cursive, you typically begin with “Dear…”, and end with “Yours truly…”. This kind of closure is often absent from other forms of writing, like essays or lab reports. In addition, when you write a letter in cursive, you are usually addressing someone specific. You don’t just send a mass email to “friends”, writing “Hey, guys…” Instead, you write “Dear John…”, or “Dear Jane…”. Thus, when you write a letter in cursive, it usually means that you are actually writing to someone.

Develops Your Vocabulary

Writing in cursive allows you to build your vocabulary. To really connect with your readership, you must be able to express yourself in multiple ways. One of the best tools you have at your disposal to build your vocabulary is the spellchecker on your computer or mobile device. When you write a word or phrase in cursive, you must underline it to indicate that you found it in a dictionary. Doing this allows you to build your vocabulary quickly and efficiently. If you are learning a language, you should make sure to underline words as you learn them. This will also help you remember them better, since you’ve written them down.

Improves Your Reasoning Skills

Writing in cursive also improves your reasoning skills. When you write an argumentative paper, you are actually practicing critical thinking. When you analyze an argument or a piece of text, you are often asked to do so in a particular format. If you have some experience in writing essays or lab reports, you will be much better prepared to do so in the format requested by your instructor. You must be able to follow the instructions carefully, using the tools provided to present your findings in a coherent manner, complete with valid reasoning and appropriate referencing. Your teacher may also give you a list of topics you should avoid, as well as which ones you should focus on. If you learn to write in cursive, it will not only help you develop your handwriting, but it will greatly improve your reasoning skills as well.

Helps With Gesticulation

One of the great things about learning to write in cursive is that it allows you to practice gesticulation. When you practice writing in cursive, you will find that your hand gestures become more natural and fluid. Instead of forming letters with stiff, unnatural movements, your arm and hand will follow the motions of your brain, producing beautiful and unique letter formations that seem almost effortless. This is not to mention that it’s a great way to practice spelling!

Lets You Practice Sustainability

Finally, learning to write in cursive allows you to practice sustainability. When you complete a writing assignment in cursive, you are usually asked to practice a certain way of writing. This could be anything from presenting an argument to using a certain language or graphic style. As you become more experienced, you will find that writing in a more sustainable manner becomes second nature, and a joy rather than a burden. Learning to write in cursive will help you become more sustainable, both as a person and as a member of society.

Writing in cursive is a skill that should not be taken lightly. If you learn how to do it properly, you will find that it is both enjoyable and beneficial. You may not always get to enjoy the benefits of good ol’ fashioned pen and paper, but modern educators have found a way to ensure that even when your pencil is digitized, your hand will still be the master.