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What\’s New in the Bachelor\’s in Creative Writing?

The Bachelor’s in Creative Writing offers students an opportunity to pursue their passion for writing while gaining valuable job skills. The program will equip you with the fundamentals in creative writing, the contemporary craft of writing, and provide you with a solid foundation for future growth.

Throughout the years, changes and new developments have taken place in the Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. Here, we will highlight several of these updates, providing you with a glimpse into the vibrant and evolving field of creative writing.

New Major: Health Writing

In 2021, Mount Allison University in Canada has launched a new major for its Bachelor of Arts in English program. Now, students can further their education by earning a major in Health Writing. In the Health Writing major, students will examine issues surrounding health and illness, and how to promote wellness and prevent disease.

This major will give students the opportunity to gain valuable job skills, while also providing them with the tools to continue their education and grow as writers. Students in the program receive a solid foundation in health communication, study how to write for different media, and gain practical experience by completing a health writing internship.

Expanded Specializations

In addition to the launch of the major in Health Writing, Mount Allison University also launched a brand new Specialization in Creative Writing. This program allows students to specialize in graphic novels, non-fiction books, or plays. The Specialization in Creative Writing provides students with an in-demand skill set, and gives them an opportunity to explore their creative side and develop their writing skills.

While this may be an exciting time for students, the Specialization in Creative Writing means there are some courses you may have to drop in order to fit the schedule. Be sure to check with the program advisor at the university for additional information.

More Online Resources

Being a successful writer requires an abundance of resources, including information, education, and inspiration. In 2020, several writing-related websites upped their game and became even more useful. Visit any one of these sites and you’ll discover an invaluable tool or resource that will help you excel as a writer.

The first is Grammarly, one of the biggest name in grammar checking, spelling correction, and style checking. Having a tool like this by your side as you write will prevent embarrassing mistakes and provide you with a polished, error-free document at the end of the day.

Another useful resource is the Short Story Lab, a website that provides an interactive form where you can both read and submit short stories for consideration. The site was founded in 2018 and has already gained a lot of popularity because of its unique feature. If you’re looking for a place to showcase your short stories, or just want to practice your writing skills, this is the ideal platform for you.

More Professional Training

A traditional route to becoming a writer does not exist any more. While some writers decide to self-publish their work and become successful on their own, many others see a need to further their education and gain more knowledge. One of the best ways of doing this is by gaining practical experience through a professional training program.

In the Canadian Government Digital Learning Platform (CDLp), there is a course called Professional Writing for the Health Care Sector. This six-week digital course will teach students how to write compelling narratives for the health care sector. During the course, students will have the opportunity to complete a health care writing project, which will allow them to apply what they’ve learned in the real world.

The ability to efficiently and professionally write is vital in today’s world of medicine and health care. By taking this course, you will not only learn how to write but you will also learn a valuable skill that will help you in your job search and advancement.

More Than Meets The Eye

In addition to the above, several other writing-related websites and apps offer an array of resources and tools that will assist you in your journey to become a successful writer.

One such site is Writer’s Relief, which provides a community for writers to find inspiration, gain advice, and get support from other writers. If you’re looking to become a better writer, or are struggling with some major writing block, this is the perfect place for you to be.

Then, there’s Draft, which is also a place where aspiring writers can get valuable, constructive feedback on their work. The site gives writers the opportunity to become a freelance editor, reviewing other people’s manuscripts and giving advice on how to improve them.

The above are just some of the many resources available to students willing to immerse themselves in the study of creative writing. With numerous opportunities available, now is the perfect time to pursue your passion for writing.