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What Should You Submit as a Writing Sample for an Attorney Job?

You have decided that you need to become an attorney and are now looking for a way to prepare for the bar exam. Which set of skills will help you get there the fastest? Probably not writing, as you will be expected to present your cases in courtrooms, create briefs, and draft motions. That might not be the kind of material you possess at this point in time. What should you submit, then?

Think of the kinds of things that would be on the minds of potential employers. Things that would make them believe that you are the right person for the job. You do not need to list every single thing. Select a few key facts about yourself that would make your essays or applications stick out. The bar exam is not a writing test. It is multiple choice and logic based. So, you need to make sure that your answers are well thought out and provide correct reasoning. Think of these questions as brainstorming ideas for your writing sample.

The Perfect Attendance Record

This record shows that you have perfect attendance. You never missed a day of class, and your instructors praised your punctuality. Many employers look at this as a positive sign, as it shows that you will be able to be at work on time, which is important for the job security that the employer is offering. You should be able to obtain this record by presenting your teachers with a note from your doctor explaining the nature of your medical condition. It is a physical disability that prevents you from being late or absent from work. If your teachers require more documentation, then you will have to provide medical records to prove that this is indeed the case. Your attendance record alone will not be enough.

The Experience Letter

The experience letter is a simple yet effective way of demonstrating your eligibility for an attorney job. You should write this letter to someone who has experience in hiring attorneys, or at least in the legal field. It would be best to ask a friend or family member to write the letter. Doing this will give you a good excuse to write out every bit of information about yourself, and give the letter a polished look. Your letter should start by indicating that you are writing on behalf of someone who recommended you for the position. You should then briefly explain your qualifications. For instance, you might state that you have a degree from a prestigious law school, or that you worked as a legal assistant for a large law firm. You should describe the type of work that you did, for how long, and what your responsibilities were. You should also mention any relevant experience that you have, such as working as a legal assistant, or teaching at the college level. Make sure to write the experience letter as though you were applying for a job, and try to make it as short and sweet as possible. A well-written experience letter shows that you are a talented writer, and it will make you stand out above the competition.

Your Resume

Your resume is your chance to show off all of the skills that you have acquired throughout your career. Many employers do not have the time to go through a full resume, as they have to focus on the task at hand. For that reason, they might only go through the top few jobs that you have held. Make sure to write an objective when you are applying for a job, as this will make it easier for the employer to decide what kind of candidate they want to interview. If part of your resume is in the form of an objective, then this is acceptable. You should be able to obtain a copy of your resume from your previous employers. You should then take some time to polish it, and correct any errors that you may find. Your resume is your first impression, and you need to make sure that it is perfect.

These are just a few examples of things that you might include in your writing sample. There are many more! Think of the kinds of questions that prospective employers might ask you, and start creating an answers to these questions. You do not need to write an essay to get this job. All that you need is yourself, a computer, and some time off work. If you can get those three items, then you will be able to land yourself a great job as an attorney. Good luck out there.