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What to Use for Writing Sample for OAG Job Application

The one requirement for almost all jobs is that you must be able to write. That is why nearly all candidates consider investing in writing samples as part of their job search strategy. There are many benefits to having a good sample paper and there are a variety of fields for which you might choose to write. The following are just some of the things you might do:

Composing An Analysis Paper

You might want to consider using your skills as a business or economics student to write an analysis paper on the film industry. You would need to conduct extensive research into the topic and then write a well-structured argument containing information from multiple sources. This is the kind of paper that might get you into trouble because it is so hard to find the right topics, but the satisfaction of creating something valuable is great.

Conducting Research

If you are a history buff, you might want to consider writing up an article on a famous historical figure. You would need to do a little bit of research on the figure and then use your writing skills to explain their significance in the context of today’s world. This kind of paper offers you the opportunity to display your extensive knowledge while also creating something that is valuable. You can also use your skills as a medical student to write an article on a disease you have had to study in depth.

Arts Paper

If you are a fan of the arts, you might want to consider trying your hand at a review or even an analysis of a play or musical piece. You would need to get into the habit of looking for plays or musicals that you think deserve analysis and then create a critical review of their work. Remember, this is not an easy paper to get accepted to write. You will need to put in the time to study the craft and apply what you have learned.


If you are a student in the sciences, you might want to consider doing a dissertation on a topic in your chosen field. Even if you do not plan on doing any further research in your field, you can use your dissertation to advertise your skills. If you do decide to continue your education, a well-written dissertation will open many doors for you.


What better way to show off your skills than with a well-written resume. If you are applying for a job in a creative field, you can include your samples as a way of engaging the potential employer. For those applying for a job in a scientific field, having relevant publications is highly valuable. Regardless of the field you choose, a good resume can land you an interview.


If you are an aspiring author and you have finished writing your novel, you can use the manuscript as a way of showing off your skills. When you are applying for a job in creative fields, including writing, you should consider demonstrating your abilities by including a well-written manuscript as part of your application. Alternatively, if you are applying for a job in a scientific field, including medicine, you can include relevant research as part of your application. Remember, good manuscript means good sales.


If you are an editor, you might want to consider using your skills to edit a sample of someone else’s work or to edit a magazine. Even if you have had a lot of experience, you will learn new things from every project you take on and from every mistake you make. You can use your skills to make a real difference and to create something valuable.


If you are a particularly talented writer with a strong online presence, you can use your blog to gain employment. Even if you have a large audience already, you can use your blog to enhance your resume. Whether you are a professional looking for a new gig or an enthusiast seeking fame, a good blog can get you there.


Good writing is not something that is easily replaced with software. In today’s world, a good chunk of the population writes for a living or at least writes articles for publication. If you think you have what it takes to be a good writer, consider getting your hands on some of these lucrative gigs while you can. You may need to build a portfolio first, but the rewards are more than worth the effort.