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What Size Font Should I Use to Write an Ebook?

If you’re looking to write an ebook, the question of what size font to use probably comes up. There are numerous sizes to choose from when it comes to fonts. Some are more suitable than others for writing an ebook. Before you start writing, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

The Pros And Cons Of Each Size

To begin with, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each font size when it comes to writing an ebook. For the sake of this article, we’ll use Arial as an example. Arranged in a serif (or rounded) style, the font faces provide a reasonably even distribution of caps, lowercase, and numeral forms. All of this makes it the perfect all-around option for ebook writing. However, as you’ll see, there are downsides to using this particular font. The biggest disadvantage of Arial, and all serif fonts for that matter, is that they have a relatively low stroke count. This puts off readers who have to rely on screen readers (like VoiceOver on the Mac or screen readers for the visually impaired) which translate typewriter type into audible speech. In the end, if you’re planning on self-publishing your ebook, you may find it more convenient to use a monospace font, such as Courier New or Segoe UI instead. They have a greater stroke count, which makes them perfect for pixel-perfect eBook displays.

Which One Is Suitable For My Purpose?

Choosing a font for your ebook isn’t as simple as picking the first one that comes to mind. You’ll need to consider a number of factors, including your purpose for choosing it, how you’ll be using it, and, of course, your budget. Now, let’s take a look at how to choose the right font for your particular needs.

The Boldness Of It!

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a font for ebook writing is how bold you want it to be. As a general rule, bold-faced fonts are used for headings and emphasis, and regular-faced fonts are used for the rest of the text. You’ll want to use a bold font, however, when necessary. If your writing requires additional emphasis, you may want to consider using a bolder font. On the other hand, if non-bold fonts suit your purposes better, you may want to use them instead.


Another important consideration when choosing a font for ebook writing is how comfortable you feel with it. Remember, you’re not writing an epic poem, so there’s no need for overly fanciful fonts. Of course, you don’t want your readers to be uncomfortable either, so be mindful of how ‘businesslike’ the font is. In the same vein, some people prefer to write in what they believe is ‘the classic way’, using fonts that are similar to those used in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. When it comes to choosing a font, much like with other aspects of eBook design, the simpler the better. Using overly complicated fonts can actually work against you if you’re trying to gain readership. When in doubt, go for the classics!


The last and perhaps the most important element to consider when choosing a font for ebook writing is the size. Obviously, you’ll want your text to fit comfortably onscreen and comfortably in the reader’s hands. To that end, you’ll want to avoid using very small fonts, as you’ll lose a lot of the eBook’s pixel-perfect look and feel. If you have a very high-resolution display, you may want to consider going for smaller fonts. Conversely, if you have a low-resolution (like anything below 1024 x 768 pixels) display, you’ll want to use bigger fonts. Keep in mind that the text will need to fit comfortably in a landscape mode, as you won’t be able to read the text in a portrait mode. Smaller fonts will only cause you problems when used in portrait orientation!

As you can see, there are numerous factors that you’ll need to consider when choosing a font for your ebooks. With a little bit of thinking and research, you’ll be able to choose the right font for your purposes. To help you make the right choice, check out the following link which is filled with information about Choosing A Font For Your Ebook:

Choose A Font For Your Ebook

Once you’ve chosen the right font for your eBook, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff! Once you have a fixed layout, you can start making pretty much any changes you want to to the eBook. Of course, if you’re still deciding what kind of cover you want for your eBook, you can consult the eBook cover designers discussed elsewhere on this site. Once you’ve made the cover, the fun begins!