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What Job Can a Teenager Have in Writing a Book?

You might be wondering what job can a teenage boy have in writing a book. The short answer is, it depends on how you define “job”. When I say “job”, I mean a career path in writing. What specific job can a teenage boy have in writing a book? Here are some examples.


If you have a passion for storytelling and are good at taking complex ideas and turning them into writing that is easy to understand, then you could become a journalist. This job could easily become a stepping stone to bigger and better things in the future. Many journalists do get their start through an internship while at university. Once you are done with your education, you can look for entry level positions at small newspapers or online news websites. The pay is usually good, and the job allows you to put your talents to use while having some fun too.


Authors do get paid, but the money they make is usually less than you would expect based on the amount of work they put in. If you have a talent for creating gripping plots and characters, you can seriously consider a career in authoring. The work is usually hard, and it can be slow going at times, but the end result is usually worth it. You can easily get stuck in a rut writing fiction, but there are plenty of options for those who want to write non-fiction or combine the two. There is also the option of writing for film or television. The money in this case can be pretty good too, but it depends on how many books you sell and which one you sell the most of. If you are looking for the ultimate in what job a teenage boy can have in writing a book, then consider a career in authoring. The pay isn’t great, but the job allows you to pursue your dreams and creativity, all while being able to have some financial stability.

Copywriter / Content Strategist

If you are creative, you can consider a career as a copywriter or content strategist. These are jobs that require you to come up with unique ways of describing products or services in a way that will appeal to a wide audience. If you have a talent for coming up with catchy phrases and unique writing styles, you can look for copywriting positions within large companies or digital marketing agencies. You will be asked to come up with content for websites, blogs, and social media platforms, in addition to advertisements or promos for mobile phones and tablets. The hours can be long and stressful, but the pay is usually good and can get you into the graduate school of your choice. Most importantly, you’ll be able to put your creative mind to use and apply your skills to something rewarding.


An editor’s primary function is to take a creator’s work (such as a novelist’s, playwright’s, or composer’s) and help turn it into a finished product. Typically, this will involve copyediting (as in revising spelling, punctuation, and grammar) and making suggestions for improvement. An editor’s role also includes checking facts, looking for logical inconsistencies, and ensuring the narrative stays smooth and ters.

After you complete your training, you can look for positions as an editor within a larger publishing house or online media company. Smaller publications and media companies often outsource their editing requirements to freelance editors. Depending on the size of the role, you might be able to negotiate a discount for yourself. If you are looking for the ultimate job in writing a book, then consider an editorship where you can utilize your talents to help creators bring their stories to life and help build a better world for future generations.

Marketing / Advertising / Sales

If you have a business mindset and thrive in situations where you have to persuade people to buy your products or services, then consider a career in marketing or advertising. These jobs require a lot of research and can get pretty expensive, but the pay is usually good. In order to get started in marketing, you will need a marketing plan for the company you work for, in addition to a degree in economics or business. Once you are done with your education, you can look for positions within marketing agencies, or you can set up your own marketing company and agency.

The options for a writer in terms of what they can do with their skills are almost endless. The possibilities are endless too, just like the creativity and imagination of a teenage boy. With this in mind, it is no wonder that so many people find joy in their jobs as writers, content strategists, copywriters, and editors. If this sounds like an opportunity you might want to look into, then consider a job in writing a book. You may not get paid well, but the satisfaction of seeing your work on the page is something you will not find anywhere else.