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How to Earn Money for Writing Reviews

Most of us dream of being able to quit our jobs and become full-time bloggers, writers, or filmmakers. But just like many other dreams, this one doesn’t come true for many of us. Even those of us who do become full-time bloggers, writers, or filmmakers sometimes need to supplement our incomes in order to afford health insurance, rent payments, or groceries.

Most people think that writing for publication is an easy way to earn money, but the truth is that it can be very difficult to find a pay check at the end of the month. Although you may be required to have a “platform” (i.e., a website, blog, or social media account) to earn money from writing, none of these things generate significant revenues for most people. And even those of us who do manage to land a few decent paying gigs are usually left feeling frustrated because we never seem to be able to put more than two or three articles or blog posts in one year.

The good news is that there is another way to earn money from writing that may suit you better. If you’ve got a passion for something – anything – you may be able to turn that passion into money using a skill that won’t require you to spend a lot of time researching or writing. The following will tell you about three such ways that you can start earning money today.

Product Reviews

Everyone likes to get the best price when they’re shopping for something, especially when purchasing a product that they’re not familiar with. Some of us do a lot of our shopping online, so the ability to find the best price online is especially important to us. But if you’re able to find a better price when you’re actually in the store, why should you care about what the seller is offering online?

The answer is that sometimes the best price online isn’t the best price in the store. Let’s say you’re purchasing a mattress online, and you find a great deal that is two thousand dollars cheaper than what the store is offering. Will you wake up one day and regret buying that mattress online? What if the store doesn’t want to sell it to you because they think that two thousand dollars is too low a price? In that case, you’ll have wasted a whole day of your life and wasted two thousand dollars.

If you’re able to write product reviews that are both useful and entertaining, you may be able to turn that passion into a money-maker. The trick is to find a niche and build up a following. If you’ve got a camera and have been dying to try your hand at photography, then start a blog where you compare different cameras and their features. Or if you’re passionate about lifestyle, become a lifestyle blogger and share with your followers the best products that you discover. The possibilities are endless.

E-Commerce Product Reviews

E-commerce product reviews can be quite the moneymaker when done correctly. The key is to figure out a way to make your readers feel that what they’re reading is valuable and that it will help them make better buying decisions. In a nutshell, you’re providing them with information that is useful to them and interesting enough to keep the reader’s attention. Sounds like a pretty easy sell to make.

When it comes to e-commerce product reviews, many vendors pay particularly close attention to reviews for their own products. So don’t be afraid to plug their products wherever possible. Let’s say that a customer reads an article about a great hiking backpack and decides to purchase that same product. The vendor will then pay you a commission for that sale.

Also, if you can write an engaging e-commerce review that would make a good article, you’ll be able to land some money-making reviews. For example, if you’re a regular jogger and you discover that a certain type of shoe fits you well and keeps your feet cool as you run, you may want to write a blog post about your experience. Doing so may earn you some money from a running shoe company who may pay you to recommend their products.

Video Reviews For Kids’ Clothes

If you’ve got a young daughter who is into fashion and you’ve been looking for a way to make some extra money, why not try your hand at reviewing kids’ clothes? There are several online marketplaces where you can find the best prices on children’s clothing, and it would be a great way to make some extra cash while spending time with your daughter. The key to this type of product review is to find a way to make the experience entertaining for your readers. For example, if you’re watching a kids’ fashion video and you see a product that your daughter might like, you could call out the brand and show the reader what your daughter is missing out on by not owning that product.

The goal of this type of product review is to convince the reader that they should buy the featured product. It’s generally a profitable endeavor for the brands that produce the kids’ clothes, and it can also be a way to boost your daughter’s self-image.

The Final Word

Three ways to make money from writing that don’t necessarily require you to write for publication are product reviews, e-commerce product reviews, and video reviews for kids’ clothes. Just remember that these are all ways to make money from writing, so if you’ve got a passion for something else, you may be able to find a way to make money from that as well. And for those of us who are just getting started, these three options can provide you with a good chunk of change to supplement your income.