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What is Good Second Career After Copywriting?

For those looking to break into the lucrative world of copywriting, here’s a quick guide to the many different opportunities available.

Writing Campaigns

One of the most in-demand roles within copywriting is that of a writing campaign. Campaigns can be rather taxing due to the amount of content that needs to be written, but the payoffs can be significant. Think of a popular social media platform like Facebook or Twitter where companies pay celebrities and brands to promote their products.

To qualify, you will need a proven track record of copywriting excellence along with a command of the English language. However, the demand for writing campaigns more than makes up for any shortcomings in expertise, as you will soon find out.

Freelance Copywriting

If you enjoy writing and being able to use your creative juices to bring a story to life, you can consider a career as a freelance copywriter. You will need to be prepared to take on small projects for business houses and startups, as well as larger campaigns for companies. If you are looking to make the transition to copywriting, this is a great role to start out in.

You will need to be comfortable working remotely and be able to prove your value to potential clients via samples of your work. Many copywriters begin their careers in this way, taking on small projects for business owners who need help with marketing materials or websites. As you gain experience, you can negotiate for larger projects and better pay rates with the hope of establishing yourself as a go-to person for copywriting work in the near future.

Online Marketing

If you have a background in advertising or marketing, you can consider a career in digital marketing. The field is constantly evolving, so you will need to stay on top of the game in order to land a job. However, with so much competition, it’s quite difficult to break into the industry unless you have some significant experience behind you. To kickstart your career, you can take on a marketing job for a local business or start-up, gaining valuable experience that will land you in good stead when it comes time to look for your first full-time position.

Since marketing on social media is so crucial to establishing a presence and engaging with potential customers, it is a must that you have an active social media account. Having a large following on any of the popular platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) is a great way to gain experience and prove your value to prospective employers.

Content Creation For Blogs and Websites

If you are an expert word processor, you can consider a career in content creation for blogs and websites. The role can be quite rewarding, not only in terms of pay, but also in terms of the variety of opportunities that you will be able to explore. Since much of the work is done remotely, the time can be quite flexible, allowing you to set your own hours and work remotely when needed.

As a content creator, you will be responsible for turning ideas into blog posts, product descriptions, and emails that promote products or services. Most content creators begin their careers in this way, gaining valuable experience that helps them land their first professional position. At the same time, they can use their skills to create content for websites and blogs on a freelance basis, helping small businesses gain popularity and credibility.


If you are looking to make the transition away from a desk job and into the field, sales can be an ideal next step. Once again, the demand for this type of role is at an all-time high, with companies looking to expand their reach and grow their business utilizing the help of freelance copywriters.

In a nutshell, sales is all about getting face-to-face with prospective customers and closing deals. Although a sales role can vary, on a daily basis you will be meeting with customers and negotiating the terms of the agreement. Additionally, you will need to be able to research the customers’ needs and provide valuable insights into the products that you are promoting. Finally, you will need to be confident enough to close the deal and hand over the work without any regrets.

As with many other roles, experience is essential, so if you are looking to break into the field, begin your search for a sales position near your home. Make sure to highlight your strengths and skills, as well as your reasons for wanting to pursue this career path. Although there isn’t a typical’resume’ for a salesperson, you should be able to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual with the skills necessary for the position.

Technical Support

If you are looking for a career in tech support, you will need to have a strong background in troubleshooting computers and mobile devices. However, since much of the work will be done remotely, you will need to be able to communicate effectively with customers via email, online forums, and potentially even over the phone. For those looking for a change of pace, working in tech support can be quite rewarding, as you will be helping others with computer-related problems and being able to work remotely when needed.

As a technical support employee, you will need to diagnose and fix computer problems for customers, usually working remotely. You can expect to earn decent wages for the position, as much as $20,000 per year depending on experience and what is needed. Many companies offer remote technical support, so if you are looking for a change of pace, this could be a great option for you.


Forbes recently published an article listing the 9 most in-demand jobs in the future. One of the most interesting pieces of news is that many of the jobs are for services rather than products – consulting, for example, will be needed more than ever in the coming years. If you are already equipped with the right knowledge and skills, you can consider a career as a consultant.

A consultant is someone who provides advice and guidance to others. Essentially, as a consultant you will be giving advice and guidance on how to perform certain tasks or functions. For example, if you are an expert in sales and marketing, you can consider a career as a business or marketing consultant. You will need to be able to take a step back and provide expert advice, helping businesses and organizations with all aspects of their marketing and sales process.

The pay for a consultant can vary, but generally speaking it’s a lucrative field with many different opportunities. If you are looking for a new direction in your life, you could consider a career in consulting.

In the coming months, we will publish a series of articles exploring various aspects of the copywriting industry. If you have any further questions regarding this topic, feel free to leave us a note in the comments section below. We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the copywriting industry and the many different career options that exist within it.