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What is Creative Writing in English?

Creative writing can be defined as the use of words in an original and imaginative way to evoke thoughts, feelings, or ideas. It is often associated with literature, but can be used in a variety of formats (e.g. screenplays, blog posts, or short stories) to engage with the audience. Creative writing is a broad area, and while there are similarities between different genres and creative writers, each form has distinct traits that set it apart from other genres and types of writing.

Why Study English Creative Writing?

Whether you choose to pursue a professional or academic career, having a command of the English language is essential. The English language is not only associated with literature and academia, however, it is a widely used and necessary part of everyday life. As a result, being able to write creatively in English will undoubtedly enhance your vocabulary, enable you to think more innovatively, and allow you to communicate complex ideas in an effective manner. By mastering the art of creative writing, you will not only be able to better express yourself verbally, but also enhance your written communication skills and allow you to take full advantage of any creative writing platform or app.

The Rise Of Digital Publishing

The rise of digital publishing has resulted in an explosion of creative writing and its various sub-genres online. Whether you choose to publish your work traditionally or independently, through a digital platform or boutique publisher, you will undoubtedly have the option to work with a creative writing company or team of freelance writers. Having a familiarity with digital publishing and the in’s and out’s of working with online writers and content creators will be essential for any aspiring creative writer.

The Genre Defiance Of Young Adult Literature

For decades, the Young Adult category has been seen as a safe haven for readers looking to escape from the real world for a while. Young adult literature, and the sub-genres of YA fiction and YA non-fiction, have traditionally defied many of the traditional rules and definitions of adult literature. In addition to often being associated with strong, independent, and vibrant women, YA literature has also been known to champion social justice, embrace diverse narratives, and challenge cultural stereotypes. While this is certainly still the case, the stigma surrounding young adult literature has largely disappeared, and today, more and more people are seeing the merits of YA as a vibrant genre that allows for a more imaginative and creative approach to storytelling. If you are a dedicated and creative writer who seeks to challenge cultural stereotypes and evoke thought, then you may want to consider exploring the vast world of YA literature.

Blogs As A Sub-Genre Of Creative Writing

Blogs have largely replaced traditional news websites and magazines in terms of the amount of content that is available online. This trend has resulted in bloggers having a more prominent role in terms of both the quantity and quality of content that is available to read and engage with online. Much like Young Adult Literature, blogs are often seen as a safe haven for writers who want to experiment with new ideas and narratives, and challenge traditional thinking and behavior. If you are a writer who is looking to gain more recognition and gain access to a wider audience, you may want to consider blogging as a form of creative writing. Whether you choose to write a traditional blog post or begin a blog with a fiction or non-fiction series, the options are endless in terms of the different forms and styles of blogging that are available to you.

The Merits Of Different Genres And Styles Of Creative Writing

One of the best things about studying English creative writing is that there are so many different genres and styles to explore and fall back on. If you are looking to write a novel, you can utilize all of the concepts and techniques that you have learned in university to create your very own original and innovative story. If you are looking to write an analytical essay or review, you can always turn to the classics for guidance, and use your critical thinking and vocabulary to shed new light on well-known literary figures and their contributions to society. Even screenplays, which you may write for film or television, can be the subject of a creative writing course and can provide you with a structured approach to storyboarding and creating a compelling narrative that draws the reader in.

Whether you choose to write a novel or go the more traditional route with an analytical essay or a blog post, you are bound to discover a form that you feel comfortable with and that allows you to experiment with new ideas and approaches to storytelling. Ultimately, while there are many different forms of English creative writing, each and every one of them can in some way be considered valuable, interesting, or entertaining. As long as you are putting your creative mind to work and following your own instincts as a writer, the end results are completely up to you!