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What is Creative Writing on Reddit?

Creative Writing is a well-known Section on Reddit, which acts as a hub for all things Literature-related. With over 150,000 subscribers, it is the largest Section on Reddit by a considerable margin. It also has one of the most active forums, with over 13,000 subscribers. Although there is a sense of community on Creative Writing, the Section is very much a place for critics, and those looking for constructive feedback.

Creative Writing on Reddit: History

Creative Writing on Reddit has existed in various forms since its inception in 2009, emerging from a sub-Section of the general Politics subsection. It originally began as a place for users to post creative non-fiction content, with occasional poetry and short story submissions. The name Creative Writing is a reference to this original purpose, as the content which was originally posted there largely consisted of creative writing exercises, examples of creative writing, and critiques of other people’s work. It was originally designed as a safe space for writers, with no hateful speech, vulgarity, or harassment.

Why does Creative Writing on Reddit continue to grow?

Modern-day Reddit is a chaotic place, with over 200 subsections, many of which are extremely popular. It can be difficult to remain relevant in the ever-changing digital world, and online forums such as Reddit provide users with a unique opportunity to express their opinions, discuss topical issues, and expose potential flaws in products and services. For many, this is the perfect forum for discussing all things Literature-related, with thousands of users regularly posting about books, writing, and the industry.

While it is impossible to predict the future of any Section on Reddit, we can certainly gauge the popularity of a subsection by tracking its growth over time. The creative writing subsection has continued to rise in popularity, doubling its subscriber base from 5,000 to 10,000 between 2016 and 2018. This was largely due to the popularity of the /r/literature subreddit, which continues to attract users from across Reddit. Many are interested in exploring or participating in a cause which is close to their heart, and the section provides a place where they can engage with like-minded individuals, as well as gain feedback, criticism, and motivation from some of the best Writers in the industry.

Who were some of the prominent users of Creative Writing on Reddit?

Creative Writing on Reddit was initially populated mostly by people in the industry, with many famous personalities posting there, including:

  • Stephen King
  • Scribbler Joe
  • Lauren Collins
  • Ricky Kehoe
  • Evan Turk
  • Teknoaxe
  • Miguel Hidalgo
  • Kulvinder Singh
  • Richard Dawkins
  • David Icke
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Brett Kavanaugh

With the industry in part being referenced, it is perhaps not a great surprise that many celebrities, authors, and high-profile figures posted on the section. It also became a place where aspiring writers could gain valuable feedback, as well as see what other people are doing, in order to improve their own work.

However, as time has gone on, and the community has evolved, Creative Writing on Reddit has diversified its audience, with users ranging from age 7 to 77, enjoying the content posted there.

What is the most-read post on Creative Writing on Reddit?

It is very difficult to determine the most-read post on any Section on Reddit, as this is often dependent on various factors, including:

  • The date when it was published
  • The name of the author
  • The topic of the article
  • The comments below
  • If Reddit users “Liked” the article
  • If Reddit users shared the article
  • If Reddit users discussed the article on forums like r/AskReddit or r/Politics
  • If Reddit users “Downvoted” the article
  • If Reddit users flagged the article as inappropriate

With all these factors playing a part, it is very difficult to determine the most-read post on Creative Writing on Reddit. We can however, narrow this list down to three posts, which are:

1. The Reddit Guide to Writing a Novel: This post was published in March 2017, and it continues to appear at the top of the leaderboards, even though it was published over a year ago. It is one of the most-viewed posts on the section, with over 45,000 views to date. It provides a clear guide for anyone interested in exploring creative writing, offering tips on everything from character development to plotting to research.

2. How to Get Feedback on Your Work: This post, which was published in June 2018, has been viewed over 35,000 times. It provides advice for anyone looking to get feedback on their work, either commercially or critically. Posting under the hashtag #gettingcrit, users are then provided with a variety of tips, including:

  • Put yourself in the audience’s shoes: Try to think like a reader, and not like an author. What would you like to see in the story, and how would you react if you read it?
  • Ask for advice: If you’re stuck, or want to know what others think, the #gettingcrit hash tag is a great place to ask. Type your question in the format of a general question, followed by the hashtag, to get the best responses from authors, agents, and publishers.
  • Set yourself a goal: Create a short-term and long-term goal for yourself. Short-term goals should be measurable (for example, I will submit 2 pieces of pitch by the end of the month). When you hit your short-term goal, celebrate as much as you can (buy yourself an ice cream if you’ve got the money). Set a new goal for yourself, and once you hit that, set a new goal.
  • Keep your goals in mind: It’s easy to get distracted by everything going on around you, but keeping your goals in mind is essential to your progress. At the end of the day, you’re only as good as your last piece of writing, and you need to keep pushing forward.
  • Look for the positives: Every book has two parts, the good and the bad. Find the good, and the bad will seem a little less bad. Ultimately, you have to decide what you want out of your writing career, and then work hard to achieve it. Once you’ve written a few books, you’ll see the good outweighs the bad, and you can relax a little.
  • Learn from the best: The Reddit community is a place where you can learn a lot, and often from the best. If you’ve got a question, don’t be afraid to ask someone who’s been there and done it. They will almost certainly have the answer you’re looking for.

For those wanting to become a writer, this is an excellent starting point, offering advice on everything from character development to plot to research and more. While it was initially designed for those looking to break into the industry, it continues to be popular with those exploring creative writing for the first time, offering detailed instructions on getting started.

3. How to Write the Perfect Novel: This is another post which continues to appear at the top of the leaderboards, with almost 45,000 views to date. It was published in June 2018, and it offers advice on everything from character development and worldbuilding to plotting and the arc of a story. It is a great place to start for anyone wanting to write a novel, with detailed information on all aspects of the process.

As can be the case with many things on Reddit, this post too, continues to evolve. A few months after it was published, a follow-up post was published with a few minor tweaks and clarifications, offering more information and tips on writing the perfect novel.

It’s very difficult to pin-point exactly why these three posts appear at the top of the Creative Writing on Reddit leaderboards, as there’s no one factor which can be directly attributed to its success. However, it’s clear that the section is populated mainly by those seeking assistance, with many posts offering advice, guidance, and helpful tips on how to succeed as a writer.