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What Is a Copywriting Example?

A copywriting example is a short piece of text that acts like a call to action. When potential customers read your copywriting example, they will most likely agree with you and take the necessary action you are asking them to take.

You copywrite all the time when you’re writing marketing material such as brochures, websites, and sales letters. But did you know that you can use examples in other parts of your copy too? For instance, you can write an email pitch to a potential customer and include an example of a recent email pitch you sent to another customer. This is called a chaining example, and it helps the reader identify with you and your company.

In this article, we’ll explain how to write a winning copywriting example. We’ll cover the basic elements that make up a solid example, including why you should use them, how to use them, and what types of platforms you can use to publish your work. Let’s get started.

Keep It Short

There are three important tips to keep in mind when writing any kind of short copy. First, make sure that your copy is short enough to be interesting, yet not so short that the reader becomes confused or overwhelmed. When you run out of space, your text becomes less interesting and more dull. Second, keep your text concise. A short text contains less words than a long text. When you cut out extra words, you make your text more direct and easy to understand. Third, use bullets and short sentences. When you use short sentences and bullets, the reader will experience your message more quickly and easier. They will also be able to retain what they read because it is concise and easy to follow. These tips will make your text more engaging and help you write a better copy.

Make It Actionable

If someone is reading your text and doesn’t take action right away, it can be frustrating and even a little insulting. To prevent yourself from publishing untargeted and unreadable text, you must make sure that every bit of copy that you write is relevant to the person reading it. To achieve this, ask yourself questions about what you’re writing and why you’re writing it. Then, rewrite your text so that it responds directly to these questions. For example, if you’re writing about a new product and want to encourage someone to try it, you could ask them a question such as, “What features does this product have that make it unique?” You can also use this line of questioning to help you find the right tone of voice and style for your text.

Once you’ve successfully reworked and rewritten your content to be answerable, actionable, and interesting, you can test it out on a few friends or family members. Ask them questions about what they’ve read and see how well their answers match up with your intended message. This revising and editing process is extremely important; if you want to write compelling text, you must be prepared to revamp your work several times before you’ve perfected your message.

Use An Established Format

To write a successful copy example, you must use an established format. When you write a novel, you use certain words and phrases because they’re considered standard in the genre. When you write a short story, you need to keep within the constraints of the form, otherwise your text could become overwhelming or confusing for the reader. When writing examples, you must follow the same rules of engagement to keep your copy cohesive and easy to follow. This will also make it easier for your readers to find your work if they want to. While it’s always good to be original and try new things, using an established format will make your text easier to follow and more compelling.

Here are a few common examples of formats you might use:

  • Case studies
  • E-mail marketing letters
  • Product reviews
  • Compelling headline
  • Benefits of the product
  • How to use the product
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions)
  • Industry awards
  • Compare products
  • How other people think
  • Chain email example
  • Product gallery

Key Takeaway

Writing good copy is extremely important because it can make or break your marketing efforts. To write effective marketing copy, you must ensure that your readers can easily understand what you’re saying and take the action you’re asking them to take. When you write an email to a potential customer, you can use the above tips to write a compelling email pitch that will make them click through to your website or to buy your product. Just make sure to test out your work on a few friends or family members before you send it to complete strangers. They’ll give you invaluable feedback that will help you make your text more effective. Good luck out there.