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What Happens in Creative Writing Class?

You might be wondering what happens in creative writing class. Let’s explore together.

The Process Starts Early

The process of developing your creative writing skills starts long before you step into a creative writing class. In fact, it starts with your very first words. When you were a kid, your parents probably told you to ‘stop sucking your thumb and learn to write.’ This might not have been the most encouraging thing to hear, but it planted the required writing seed in your head. Years later, you’re going to class with a pad and pencil, ready to take notes and jot down some words. You may even find yourself brainstorming ideas for a story. Don’t worry; this is all normal and natural. Your creative writing instructor will help you find the right words and teach you how to develop your ideas into full-length stories.

The Goal Is Unforgettable Narration

To begin with, your creative writing instructor wants you to develop your skills as a narrator. Or, more specifically, he wants you to become one of the most unforgettable narrators out there. A good narrator is someone who can draw readers in and keep them engrossed in your stories. To achieve this, your instructor will teach you the art of narration. As you progress through the course, he will also challenge you to write brief stories in order to master this vital skill. Remember, the goal is to write something that will stick with your readers long after the last page has been turned. These stories should not be long, but they should not be short, either. Somewhere in the middle, you’ll find the perfect length for a narrative.

Deep Expositional Writing

Your creative writing teacher will also teach you to become a deeper writer. Experienced writers know how to weave facts and events into engaging narratives. Sometimes, they will use real-life situations as inspiration for their stories. Other times, they will take on more abstract topics and use those as the basis for their fiction. Regardless of the topic, your instructor will guide you in choosing which facts and which aspects of those facts you want to include in your story. By using real-life situations as a starting point, you will naturally begin to apply your knowledge of the language and concepts you are learning to craft a more intricate narrative. You are starting to become a more rounded writer.

Allowing Yourself To Explore

Although you have a specific goal in mind when you enter your creative writing class, you should not feel bound by this. A good creative writing instructor will not only set these goals, but will also encourage you to find your own way to reach them. Along the way, you will experience many different events and ideas, some of which will stick with you for the rest of your life. Your instructor will help you discover the best ways to use these experiences to further your creative writing skills.

The Final Product Is An Artful Mix

When you have reached the end of your creative writing course, you will not only have a well-written story, but you will also have developed your skills as a writer. This is what your creative writing instructor is looking for. Not only does he want you to learn the craft of writing, but he also wants to see from your perspective what you have learned. Your product—whether this is a full-length novel or a short story collection—will be an artful mix of your experiences, your perspective, and the opinions of your peers. This is what he is looking for. This is what makes you unique as an individual and as a writer. Your creative writing instructor will appreciate your hard work and challenge you to continue developing your skills. Good luck out there.