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How to Choose the Right Font for Creative Writing

Choosing a typeface for your creative writing can seem daunting. There are so many options, and it’s easy to get confused. Truth be told, there is a specific style of writing known as “serious” or “literary” that calls for an “antiqued” look. However, that doesn’t mean that all funny fonts will make you sound like a comedy writer. Let’s explore how to choose the right font for creative writing so you can write the best piece you can write! Let’s get started.

The Anatomy of a Font

Every font is made up of a set of glyphs that represent letters, numbers, and other common symbols. Glyphs are the individual characters that make up the font. It is important to note that fonts do not only consist of glyphs, they can have various “styles” or features that give them a unique look and feel. The most basic anatomy of a font is its dimensions and how the individual glyphs are arranged on the page. Dimensions are the height, width, depth, and weight of the font.

As you can see in the image above, the dimensions of a font can be determined by measuring the space between the black lines. When selecting a font for creative writing, usually the weight, width, and depth are what you’re concerned with most. The boldness of a font can be changed by increasing the pressure that is applied to the paper as you write. So if you want a bolder font, simply increase the pressure on your keyboard (soft keys or programmable keys). The boldness of the font will be applied to your text!

As for the style of the font, this can be changed through different kerning and stylistic options that are built into the font. To learn more, check out this great tutorial from Linchpin Creative.

How to Choose the Right Font For Storytelling

When it comes to writing a story, sometimes you need something that will draw more attention to your words. This can be accomplished by using a font that has a more unique aesthetic. One good example of this is “The Museums of Luxury,” which is an incredible typeface originally designed by Hoefler & Co. With a gothic vibe and an emphasis on the vertical, this font will make any story it appears in pop off the page!

How to Choose the Right Font For Poetry

Depending on the subject matter of your poetry, you may want to select a different typeface than what you would use for prose. For example, if you are writing a love poem to your wife, you might want to go with a cursive font to give it that “sweet” feeling. You can also choose a monochromatic look with your font to complement your poem’s theme.

The Role Of Letterforms

Letters are a crucial part of any language. They allow us to communicate through words and convey meaning through the arrangement and structure of the letters that make up the word. When it comes to selecting a font for your writing, looking at the individual letters in the alphabet is important. This is because different letters require different amounts of pressure to be pressed on your keyboard. Take the letter “M” for example. To create the M, you simply need to press the “m” key on your keyboard. Now compare that to the letter “J,” which can be found at the end of many words. To create the J, you need to press the “j” key followed by the “o” key. Looking at the different letters in your chosen alphabet will allow you to determine the correct weight that should be applied to your font.

Choosing the right font for your writing can be difficult. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the array of options available to you. That’s why it’s best to take it one step at a time. Start small and work your way up. Make a note of which fonts worked well for which types of writing and keep experimenting!