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What Does Writing a Book Do for an Author?

For those who have always dreamed of writing a book and becoming an author, this question probably comes as a bit of a shock. After all, isn’t writing and publishing a book a full-time job?

While it certainly is for some, for others it is only a side gig or a hobby. However, whatever your motivations for penning a book, there are definite benefits to be had by releasing your intellectual property into the world. Here are just a few of them.

It Gives You Money

In most cases, you will need money to fund your book project. While some authors choose to self-publish their works and make money through advertising, most need to seek out traditional publishers. Despite the declining print book market, there is still a place for publishers, particularly in areas that appeal to a more specialized audience. For instance, Lonely Planet and its parent company, Traveler’s Group, saw its revenue quadruple in 2019 after publishing a book from Micheal Shapiro on Tokyo.

Even in today’s ever-evolving digital world, print on paper still plays an important role in the way we consume and disseminate information. For those who want to publish a book, seeking out a traditional publisher means having the opportunity to market your book in the most appropriate way for a wider audience. Furthermore, since many publishers still prefer to work with established authors, landing a deal with a premier publisher can prove to be lucrative.

It Opens Up Opportunities

An easy way to improve your lot in life is to broaden your horizons. By writing a book, you not only expose yourself to a wider audience but also open up opportunities for freelance, speaking, and other related work. For example, John Grisham’s The Summons is the story of a lawyer who is also an aspiring writer. When he sees an opportunity to write a book about a lawyer who has important cases pending, he doesn’t hesitate to jump on it.

Whether you pursue becoming a full-time author or only see this as a hobby, getting started can be a challenge. However, with dedication and a little creative thinking, you can still find ways to make ends meet while you pursue your dream. Just remember to have fun along the way and don’t hesitate to look for opportunities that present themselves.