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What Did You Learn in Creative Writing?

So you think you’re a Creative Writer? You may need to take a closer look. There are numerous misconceptions as to what being a creative writer entails. Do you know what they are?

You Write For The Fads.

No matter what category you fall into – whether you’re a genre fiction author or a crime writer – you’ll always have the option of what’s trendy. What’s current and hot will always be favoured over what’s old and established. This means you can follow the dictates of what’s popular and fashionable without fear of risking your source of income. Trends are here to stay and so is financial security. If you want to keep your audience and maintain a constant stream of book sales, you may want to consider adapting with the times or even going against them. After all, most of us love a good hate-read more than a feel-good story. Genre fiction has always been a great way to explore the darker sides of society. It offers a unique insight into how people can be so unbelievably cruel in the name of fashion or status.

If You’re A Woman, You’ll Never Get Credit For Your Genre.

If you are a woman writing in a genre dominated by men, even if your work is exceptional, you’ll rarely be given the chance to showcase your talent. Women are still underrepresented in many areas of literature, and when they do get the chance, it’s often not good. If you feel like your gender might be holding you back, why not take a step back and remind yourself of all the great female writers who have gone before you. When it comes to being a groundbreaking author, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. The important thing is that you are you. Believe in yourself and the work you create, and watch the haters hate on hate-readers.

The Romantic Novel Is Dead.

Long live the romantic novel! We’re always being fed stories of doomed love and unrequited passion. While there is still scope for an emotional story, there isn’t as much need for a romantic one. Stereotypes and clichés aside, the reality is that most of us need friendships and connections with people we care about and who care about us. The novel teaches us to value and appreciate the important people in our lives, not just the ones we fall in love with. If you’re looking for a way to explore these themes, why not turn to film or TV where the scope is unlimited and the creativity endless. If you want to write a romance novel, go right ahead. Just don’t expect it to be taken seriously.

Writing Is Easy.

Some writers find it easy to sit down and get a story flowing. For others, it’s a struggle. It really depends on you and what you prefer. If you take the former, you might want to consider becoming a full-time writer. It is a viable option for those who wish to pursue creative writing as a hobby or an additional revenue stream. What you need to keep in mind is that despite the fun and creativity involved, it’s still a lot of hard work. Even for those who love what they do, there are days when they’d rather be doing something else. Just because it’s easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. Never stop trying to make your work better and never stop learning. That way, whatever your goal may be, you’ll be well on your way to achieving it.

As a Creative Writer, what do you think you’ve gained from all this? What else do you wish you knew when you started?