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Writing Grants 101: 5 Grants You Can Use to Fund Your Writing

Do you want to fund your next writing project? Wish you could afford paying for articles, classes, conferences, or books? Having a steady stream of income from the sale of your work is everything! But, as exciting as it is to have a successful writing career, there is more than one kind of grant that you can apply for. Learning how to write grants can help you decide which one is right for you.

New York Foundation for the Arts Grant

One of the longest-established arts organizations in New York, the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) funds creative projects that engage with both audiences and collectors. As well as providing a remarkable history of the city and its incredible arts scene, the NYFA also offers an applied arts program that can help individuals refine and develop their creative talents. The Arts Education program provides scholarships to attend workshops and festivals as well as give back-to-school classes in creative writing, painting, and more! If you are a creative writer or artist looking to develop your skills then apply for an Arts Scholarship today!

Creative Writing MFA

If you are a creative writer looking to further your career, then one of the best things you can do for yourself is to apply for an MFA in Creative Writing from any of the top US universities. An MFA provides you with the flexibility to earn while you study, as well as gives you the opportunity to network with other accomplished writers. It is widely accepted that getting an MFA will greatly enhance your career, so don’t hesitate to apply if this is what you are looking for!

The Leisure Society Grant

If you are looking for further inspiration, then you can’t miss the Leisure Society Grant. Established in 1894, this prestigious literary award gives money to support the work of novelists, short-story writers, and playwrights. Now you can add graphic novelists to the list of eligible authors! If you are a creative writer looking for financial support then apply for a Leisure Society Grant today!

The Whiting Awards

If you are a novelist, playwright, or short-story writer then the Whiting Awards are for you. Established in 1917 by English author and poet Edward Thomas Whiting, the Whiting Awards aim to foster new work and promote outstanding writing. As well as supporting new and emerging writers, the Whiting Awards feature a wide range of prizes and honor various genres and writing styles. The awards ceremony takes place in London every year, and the winners attend a black-tie dinner with the Queen. For more information about the Whiting Awards, visit their website today!

National Endowment for the Arts Grant

Familiar to anyone who has worked in the arts world, the NEA provides funding for different types of projects that create art and entertain audiences. Similar to the NYFA, the NEA also offers an Arts in Education program that provides after-school arts experiences for students. If you are a composer, band, orchestra, or guitar player looking to further your career then apply for an NEA grant today!

The Anna Quindlen Grant

If you are a journalist or columnist looking for financial backing for your work then you can’t miss the Anna Quindlen Grant. Quindlen, who died in 2014, was a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and columnist for the New York Times. The Anna Quindlen Grant was established in her memory in 2016 and provides fellowships to journalists who are pursuing investigative reporting. The winner will get a cash prize as well as cover travel and lodging expenses while they are in residency.

The list of available grants goes on and on, so feel free to explore the resources available to you! Whether you are looking for the NYFA, NEA, or any of the other organizations listed here, there is something that can help you out. Just remember to explore the rules and regulations of each grant so you can decide which one is right for you.