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What You Can Do With a Creative Writing Degree

Are you looking for a new challenge? Have a look at this list of exciting possibilities and opportunities that you can explore with a creative writing degree. Let’s get started.


With the rise of the digital age, traditional journalism is constantly evolving. With so much content being created and shared online every day, traditional journalists are seeking new ways to engage with and inform their audience. One of the most unique and interesting opportunities available to journalism students is the Global Digital Journalism Programme (GDJP), which is a joint programme between the London School of Journalism (LSJ) and the University of Staffordshire. Launched in 2017, the programme is an industry-recognised two-year postgraduate qualification that equips graduates with the knowledge and insights needed to practice as effective digital journalists in a fast-paced, changing world. The programme is delivered in a flexible manner, with modules such as Data Science, SEO, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Editing, and Audio/Video Journalism, which can be combined to form a uniquely tailored curriculum to fit the professional development needs of any journalist.

Magazine Publishing

The magazine publishing industry is one of the most interesting and prominent arenas in which to study creative writing. The number of magazines and publications is growing, diversifying and becoming more efficient due to the growing influence of the digital age. Launched in 2016, Caspian Magazine is an independent British publication aimed at creating a more diverse pool of readers through digital and analogue platforms, which include a weekly print magazine, as well as a digital magazine, Caspian News, focused on international news relating to the Middle East, Asia and Africa regions. An example of a successful and award-winning digital magazine is Gay Times, which was launched in 2003 and is now available in countries all over the world. The publication not only organizes reading groups and book discussions, but also hosts an annual comedy festival, Pride, which is the largest in the UK.

Creative Writing For Film & TV

Many high-profile movies and TV shows are heavily dependent on strong and original storytelling, and the need for qualified writers has increased as a result. The team behind Netflix’s House of Gucci are a great example of just how much demand there is for experienced screenwriters. House of Gucci follows the luxurious lives of fashion designers, the Winslow family, as they navigate the ups and downs of creating unique, bespoke pieces for some of the world’s most famous brands. It’s a fantastic case study in how to take an everyday subject and turn it into something special, told through riveting, first-person narratives and witty dialogue. If you’re a film or TV buff and want to be sure of a steady stream of high-quality, creative writing assignments, then consider studying at one of the many institutions that offer film and TV degrees, such as Bournemouth University. There, you’ll find fully equipped media studios, alongside the UK’s only NBA Dome (opened in 2010), ideal for developing your skills as a creative writer.


Directing is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences a student can have, regardless of their chosen field. It’s an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of planning, organizing and directing others, as well as being able to put your skills to the test and showcase what you’ve learned. If you have a talent for putting together compelling scenes, whether through shooting, editing or writing, then consider studying film directing at a university or college. Programs such as these usually offer fully accredited and/or internationally recognised degrees, which can open up an entire world of opportunities for you.

Arts Management

An arts management degree is essentially a combination of marketing and business studies with an emphasis on the arts and entertainment sectors. Many of the opportunities that an arts manager can explore are heavily focused on marketing and promoting upcoming talent and established artists through various platforms and channels. The increasing number of people using social media to connect with artists and follow their work is prompting the development of new media talent and enhancing the role of the social media manager.

Advertising & Marketing

If you’re looking to enter the world of marketing and advertising, then consider studying for an MBA or a Master’s in Marketing. The demand for skilled marketers is increasing, thanks in part to the increased influence of the digital age and social media. If you’ve always wanted to be part of the marketing team, then consider studying towards an MBA or a Master’s in Marketing to get the skills and knowledge you need to make it in a competitive global market.

Content Strategy

Strategy is one of the key topics covered in a business school or MBA program, and it’s an opportunity to delve into how different companies and brands approach strategy and what makes a strategy successful or otherwise. Content strategy is a type of strategy that is heavily focused on the creation and distribution of content, whether that’s written, visual or audio. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in content strategy, then consider studying towards a Master’s or MBA in this field to get the in-demand skills needed to succeed.


Whether you’re a future lawyer, doctor, engineer or even a graphic designer, every business needs salespeople, and there’s a growing need for experienced copywriters, who can help businesses and organizations to communicate their messages to the world. If you’ve always wanted to be a writer, then consider studying copywriting towards a Master’s or Bachelors degree to get the in-demand skills needed to make it in this competitive field.

There, now you know what you can do with a creative writing degree. Which job or career goal do you see yourself pursuing? Let us know in the comments below.