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How to Write Copy That Gets Results

Everyone likes to read. But not all readers are created equal. Some will read and understand what you’re saying, while others will turn the page or flick the page away. When you write to appeal to this broader audience, you run the risk of watering down your message. You want to craft copy that will captivate anyone, even if they aren’t a member of your target audience.

Why should you write to capture the attention of a broad audience? Broadcasts and digital media have made it easier for consumers to access content that is tailored to their specific interests. For example, someone who enjoys reading thrillers may also enjoy watching Law Enforcement TV shows.

While reading material that is geared toward your target audience may still attract your regular audience, the approach will feel a little different. When you tailor your content, you also change the way your audience receives it. For example, someone who enjoys reading about crime and mystery novels may feel that your blog posts about law enforcement are more interesting than your posts about fashion.

This is why appealing to a broad audience through content can be a winning strategy. You want to write for the best-in-class, not for the biggest in your niche.

Step one: Know your audience.

Knowing your audience is essential when engaging with them through content. To determine who your ideal reader is, you will need to consider a variety of factors including age, gender and location.

If you’re writing for a Gen-Z audience, for example, you may want to consider what they want and need. You can take this one step further by considering what kinds of content your audience enjoys most and which ones they dislike. Maybe they love reading about lifestyle trends and fashion and dislike talking about politics or current events.

If you can learn to speak their language, you can connect with them on a more personal level and engage them to buy your product or service. Knowing your audience allows you to craft content that they will value, enjoy and remember.