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The Benefits of Writing for Students (vs Typing)

The way we interact with technology is changing, and teachers are scrambling to find the most effective ways to engage their students in this digital era.

While technology is a wonderful thing, it can also be a distraction, especially for students who are used to interacting with pencil and paper. Many schools have started seeing how much beneficial the “old” way is compared to the “new” way, and have adopted a “warts and all” approach, where they encourage their students to write even if it’s not perfect.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of having your students write rather than type:


One of the primary reasons why writing is beneficial is because it promotes critical thinking and analytical skills. When students have to write down what they know, they have to organize their thoughts and develop strategies. This benefits them in their academic pursuits and helps prepare them for the real world.

Cognitive Benefits

Writing is also valuable because it improves mental flexibility and agility. When you’re forced to write something down, you have to organize your thoughts and re-analyze the information, which promotes mental acuity. Additionally, the mere act of writing promotes creativity and imagination, enabling the writer to come up with new ideas and concepts.


One of the additional benefits of having your students write is that it builds confidence. When students have to write something down, they have to admit they don’t know something, which in turn makes them feel more comfortable with asking questions and being part of a discussion. They also learn to express themselves in writing, which helps them become better writers and communicators in the future.


Writing is also beneficial because it helps students develop their vocabulary and reasoning skills. When you’re asked to write a letter to the editor, you have to research and gather information, which requires careful consideration and analysis. This not only promotes critical thinking, but it also helps prepare them for future job opportunities. Additionally, since many companies now expect applicants to possess certain digital skills, having your students write an essay or a letter not only improves their employability, but it also teaches them proper English – which is a bonus!


Last but not least, having your students write is beneficial because it gives them an opportunity to improve their writing skills. When you’re asked to write an essay, you have to conform to a certain format and style, which enables you to practice your writing mechanics. This improves your overall writing skills, not to mention that you get to review your writing and make any necessary corrections. In addition, students can also practice their English through the writing process, which enables them to improve their vocabulary, sentence structure and overall writing skills.

There are many reasons why writing is beneficial, but above all, it’s always better than typing. The “old” way of communicating is still valuable, and it’s something that schools should strive to uphold.