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Can You Get Rid of the Black Can You Read Online Writing?

It’s well-known among book lovers that the black color of the text on a printed page offers a degree of protection against yellowing. But in this technological age, it’s become necessary to ask: Can you get rid of the black can you read online? And if so, how?

The short answer is: yes, you can get rid of the black can you read online. At least in theory. It’s not practical to demand that all books be printed in full-color because of changing screen reader habits. But it is possible to find and read books that have been designed to be effortlessly viewable on any device. And at least in theory, it is possible to strip the colors from a printed book without drastically altering the aesthetic appeal of the text on the page. At least in theory.

Many books have been printed in full color since the dawn of the printing press. These days, the overwhelming majority of texts are printed in black and white because of cheaper and faster printers being made available and easier-to-use software enabling anyone to produce text-based content. But the tradition of printing in full color continues even in cases where the text would benefit from a white backdrop.

To preserve the original appeal of a printed book, it is necessary to examine and understand how the colors on a printed page work together to create the intended aesthetic experience. Stripping all the colors apart from white and black will certainly impact the visual appeal of a printed book. But it won’t entirely eliminate the appeal of a text-based piece of content on the printed page.