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How to Write Anything eBook

I have an e-book that I think you’ll find quite useful. It’s called “How to Write Anything” and it’s got 104 pages of carefully curated tips and tricks for writers. If you’re looking for quick tips on how to write a killer pitch, or you need some inspiration for your next novel, this is the book for you. It covers everything from character development to pitch structure so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

The Artistry Of Pitching

One of the most fascinating things about this e-book is the extensive amount of information about pitching. If you’re looking to pitch a novel, it’s probably the first thing you’ll want to read. The section on pitching philosophy is an excellent primer on the topic and it will hopefully inspire you to approach the task with a fresh pair of eyes. The section on different types of pitches is also quite detailed and it will help you decide which one is best suited to your project. For example, if you have a literary novel, you might want to consider pursuing an artistic note, or vice versa.

How To Develop Your Characters

Like with any good novel, you’ll need well-developed characters before you can really get started on your story. This is where the section on character development comes in. It contains plenty of tips on how to flesh out your characters so that they come to life and move the story forward. While this might seem like a dry read at first, I promise you it isn’t. Every writer’s struggles and challenges are represented in these pages which will hopefully allow you to empathize and relate to the characters, making them feel more like humans than plot devices.

The Anatomy Of A Strong Script

The last thing you want as a screenwriter is a messy script. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a feature film or a TV show, solid writing structures make or break any screenplay. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be structured and understandable. The best way to avoid any kind of mess is to plan out the structure of your script from the very beginning. This way you’ll know exactly what’s happening and can make the necessary corrections before you start shooting. It’s also advisable to write multiple drafts of your script before you turn it in so that you can make the necessary revisions and polish it up.

How To Structure A Killer Pitch

Knowing how to structure a killer pitch is essential if you’re ever going to succeed as a screenwriter. It doesn’t matter if you have an idea for a TV show or a feature film, the page count on your pitch will determine how much weight your idea is going to be given. In this section, you’ll find a variety of pitch structures as well as sample pitches that you can use as templates for your own. These pitches are extremely well written and they could easily serve as a blueprint for a TV show.

This is just a small fraction of the information that you’ll find inside “How to Write Anything.” If you’re looking for advice on writing fiction, I highly recommend checking this e-book out. It’s one of the best pieces of writing advice I’ve seen and it would make a great addition to your library.