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How to Write an eBook and Sell It Online for Fun and Profit

Ever wonder what it would be like to write a book and make money off it? Now, you can with the help of this article. We will teach you the ropes, so to speak, on how to write an eBook and sell it online for fun and profit.

The Anatomy Of An eBook

An eBook (Electronic Book) is comparable to a paperback book in size and shape, but instead of having printed pages, it has digital pages.

These days, most books are published in electronic form first, and then as print-on-demand copies. There is no set formula for how an eBook is supposed to look like, so the way you write it is mostly up to you. However, there are some basic guidelines you must follow.

The Title & The Cover

Your eBook title should match the name you give to it when you sell it. For example, if your eBook is ABOUT MY BEST BOOKS, then its title should be about the same. Furthermore, your cover should match the theme of your book. Let’s say you’re writing a mystery eBook and your book happens to be called “The Case Of The Missing Servant.” Your cover could be in the shape of a “clue” with a house symbol next to it. This would match the theme of your book and help your audience remember what it is they’re reading.

The Body Of The Book

Your body should be composed of three parts; an abstract (which is meant to be an overview of the book), the introduction (which sets the stage for the rest of the book), and the chapters (which are the meat of your book). Your abstract should be concise, but also cover the most important points of your book. If you’re writing a mystery, then your abstract might go over different theories, different characters, and their relationships.

Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read your book. Many successful authors use the “hook” method to attract readers. Simply put, a hook is a compelling reason for the reader to keep reading your book. It can be something as simple as “This book can serve as a great resource for… ” or “the majority of the information in this book is useful for…”. Whatever you use as a hook, make sure it’s relevant to your book, and that it’s not something that can be found anywhere else online already.

Your chapters should be short, and should contain enough information to keep the reader interested. It is always better to have too much, rather than too little information. Your chapters should flow naturally and be a pleasure to read. Keep your chapters concise but also include enough details so that the reader can form a mental image of what you’re describing.

The Conclusion

Your conclusion is what comes at the end of your book. The main purpose of your conclusion is to offer the reader a final thought or piece of advice. You can tie your conclusion back to what you’ve established in your book. For example, if you’ve written a mystery and your book happens to end on a cliffhanger, your conclusion could be “as long as the reader continues to wonder what happened next, they’ll remain interested in the story.” Or, if you’re advising to eat healthy, you could say “make sure to include vegetables in your diet, as it will help you maintain a healthy weight.” You can use the conclusion to establish another book idea, pitch a new product, or just give some closing thoughts on the subject matter at hand.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can write an eBook, however, there are also many different things you need to keep in mind. If you write an eBook as a hobby, or as a source of supplemental income, then keep in mind that you’re a writer just like anyone else, and that you should expect to put in the same amount of work as any other writer.