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How to Write a Custom Writing Sample for Job

This is something every writer fears. You wake up, excited about an idea for an article and decide to sit down to write it. After several hours, you look up and realize you’ve written only a small portion of what you planned to write. Frustrated, you throw down your pen and walk away. A few days later, you get a message from a friend asking how your job’s going. Instead of feeling thankful for the question, you feel guilty because you don’t have anything ready to share. This is how you write a custom writing sample for job. Avoid this anxiety by writing something shorter and more manageable. Consider writing a short pitch instead of an entire article. For more information on this topic, check out this article from the Harvard Business Review.

The Perfect Short Pitch

Shorter pitches are perfect because they’re faster to read and less stressful to write. When you’re pitching an article to a magazine, your goal is to grab the editor’s attention by providing compelling content that is both unique and interesting. Shorter pitches let you hone your writing skills and get your ideas across in a succinct, compelling manner.

In an ideal situation, you’ll pitch an idea to a magazine or publisher and they’ll ask you to write an article about it. Then, you’ll write the article and they’ll publish it. Although this happens more frequently than not, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, magazines will come up with an article idea themselves and ask you to write the piece. In that case, you’ll begin the process by pitching an idea to the magazine or publisher. If you can’t come up with a pitch that seems perfect, begin by brainstorming a list of potential topics. Then, narrow it down to a small list and create a draft of the article. Once you have a good draft, send it to the magazine or publishing company for comment. They’ll give you feedback on how to make it better and send it back for you to re-read. This double feedback process is what turns a perfect short pitch into an excellent article. When you’re ready, sit down and write the article. From start to finish, the entire process should take no longer than a month. Otherwise, you’re going to have more anxiety than you bargained for when it comes time to write the actual piece. This is why shorter pitches are so valuable. You can write a custom sample that will make your friends and colleagues proud of your talent, but also keep your sanity.

Where Can I Get Started?

If you’re looking for a place to get started, consider checking out our partner program, The Write Platform. With this program, you can get an initial copy of any magazine for free. Then, you can choose which magazines you’d like to subscribe to and begin reading content that interests you. Plus, you get a free copy of each new issue as it comes out. Best of all, this is a legitimate way to get into the habit of reading magazines, which will help you become a better writer. You can also check out our list of the 20 best magazine websites, where you can get all the necessary infomation you need to become a better writer. Writing is a fun process, but also a rather frustrating one. Having a place to practice and get feedback on your work can help take the sting out of that stress. Whether you’re looking for a way to flesh out your writing skills or want to get a specific piece of work done, you can find the perfect place for you with these resources.