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How to Use Creative Writing to Persuade

With the world’s attention turned to China, the pandora’s box of business ideas and opportunities is open and waiting to be explored. Whether you’re considering a trade or an investment, industries from gaming to tourism are offering unique ways to enter the world’s most exciting market.

While traveling in China, you’ll notice how the country is embracing creative writing and the arts, using popular novels and short stories to convey important information about the nation.

The growing number of business people, investors, and tourists traveling to China means there’s plenty of opportunity to join the conversation. Your expertise in a certain area might be the key to unlocking doors that have been locked for centuries. You never know – maybe you’ll even craft the next great American business novel or screenplay.

Why Should You Write About China?

The government is interested in shaping how tourists will see China. It’s invested heavily in promoting creative writing and arts through its cultural tourism initiative, the China Creative Writing Tour. The goal is to have literature and art be as accessible and exciting as possible. It wants to showcase the best of what China has to offer, through literature, film, and music. But it also wants to educate through these mediums as well.

The initiative was started in 2014 and partnered with some of China’s top writers and artists to create unique experiences for tourists. There are now several projects throughout the year, from themed writing workshops to creative-writing-themed tours and cruises. Museums, galleries, and libraries are working with local writers to educate and entertain the public.

The number of tourists traveling to China is projected to double in the next few years. This presents both opportunities and challenges for the country. Creative writing can be a useful tool for promoting tourism and understanding – as long as it’s done correctly. And what’s more, it can also be an important part of the education puzzle in a country where knowledge and awareness can often be lacking.

Why Should You Write About Investing in China?

With the right conditions and an appropriate support network, investing in China is certainly a possibility. It’s one of the most densely populated countries in the world and has a growing middle class. Despite the challenges, the opportunities for businesspeople and investors are expanding. It’s opened up a whole new world of opportunity for those seeking to join the conversation.

At least since the establishment of the People’s Republic in 1949, the country has had a reputation as being somewhat dangerous to business.

However, in the last few years, China has taken significant steps to ensure business is welcomed with open arms. It has liberalized its market and reduced barriers to entry for foreign businesses. These policies have encouraged international investment and bolstered the economy. Since 2015, overseas investors have bought over $20 billion of real estate in China. It’s also becoming a favorite destination for online shopping, with over $500 million spent online every week.

As a result of these changes and in an effort to raise international awareness of the country, the Chinese government launched a brand new tourism initiative in 2018 – the China Global Travel Tour. The idea is to bring international tourism to China and give it a fresh face. It wants to show off the best China has to offer and get visitors from around the world to explore the country. It’s invested significantly in improving the image of the country through art and literature – and creative writing is a useful tool in these endeavors.

The China Global Travel Tour

As part of the China Global Travel Tour, there are now several different types of “themed” vacations planned for 2022. The theme for the upcoming year is “art and literature.” and the itinerary includes stops at famous museums and galleries, as well as special events and exclusive opportunities to interact with some of China’s top writers and artists. The goal is to educate and entertain the public while also enticing overseas travel – all in an effort to promote China as a legitimate tourist destination. It’s part of the country’s “open door” policy and the desire to welcome outside investment and tourists – as long as they bring money and opportunity. You never know – maybe you’ll even write the next Great American novel or screenplay about your travels in China.