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How to Turn Your Online Writing into a Job

You have a fabulous idea for a blog post, inspired by a trending topic or an event in the news. You begin writing, but midway through, you realize that this isn’t going to be enough material for a full blog post. So you pick up the phone and call a friend, or maybe even an acquaintance, and say, “Hey, would it be okay if I used your name in a blog post?” To which they reply, “Umm, actually, that’s kind of unethical. People would judge me harshly if they knew I supported something so base as a blog post.” And you have to stop writing because of this perceived slight.

This probably sounds like a nightmare, but as a blogger and content marketer, this is my reality. We’re always looking for ways to make more money remotely, and many of us are realizing that content is a goldmine. According to HubSpot Blogs research, 89% of consumers find blogs to be interesting and entertaining, while 79% feel that they can learn something new or interesting from them. And when it comes to sharing a brand or company online, 59% will read about it, while 55% will learn about it on social media. So if you’re looking for ways to make money online, consider pivoting to something that will actually make money: content.

Tip #1: Generate Blog Post Ideas

In the previous scenario, you had an idea for a blog post and decided to execute on it as soon as you had time. Maybe you wrote the first few paragraphs, or maybe you even finished the entire piece, but somewhere along the line, the inspiration for the post disappeared. You had some good content, but you didn’t have a full-fledged post idea that you could expand on. If you want to avoid this problem, come up with a better system. Generate as many post ideas as you can – maybe write them down somewhere, or put them into a notebook – and then choose one to work on first. When you’re ready to write the post, you’ll already have a starting point.

Tip #2: Tailor Your Blog To Be More In Tune With The News

Blogs are a fantastic way to gain more credibility with the masses, and having a large audience is great for boosting your income as a freelance writer. However, it’s not always the case, and if you want to make money from blogging, you should focus on getting more in tune with the news – or, rather, what’s happening in the news. To do this, analyze the topics that get the most engagement on social media, figure out what is the “hot” topic now, and then focus on covering that topic with blog posts. This is easier said than done, of course, but thinking about the trending topics, what gets the most engagement on social media, and then using that as a guideline for your content makes a lot of sense. Think about a recent hot-button issue that had widespread media coverage: the Florida school shooting, which was covered by every major news publication and garnered widespread social media commentary. Now that the dust has settled, how are people talking about this issue on social media? The answer is probably “notably less than before the shooting.” This is a perfect example of how a blog post on this topic would look. It would begin with an engaging lead and then move into the details of the shooting and how it has affected the country as a whole. The post would then end with concrete ways in which the shooter’s actions were preventable. This would be a fantastic example of a blog post that uses an engaging lead (in this case, the tragedy itself), explores the issue from multiple angles, and then provides the reader with actionable tips on how to avoid similar tragedies in the future.

Tip #3: Create Multiple Streams Of Income

If you’re looking for ways to make extra cash, diversifying your income sources is a great way to go. When we’re provided with only one source of income, we become more susceptible to fluctuations in the economy. However, being able to generate an income from several different streams is incredibly beneficial for a freelancer or independent entrepreneur. This is because it provides you with more stability when times are good and bad, which helps build a steady base of revenue. When you’re able to generate an income from several different sources, you become less dependent on one particular revenue stream – particularly when one source of income is unreliable (like the eCommerce store you’re selling your own products on).

Tip #4: Generate Regular Profits

Even if you’re blogging for fun, you should still be thinking about monetizing your content. Monetizing your content doesn’t mean that you’ll never make money from your blog – it just means that you’re getting paid for the content that you generate. One way of doing this is via affiliate marketing, where you’ll earn a commission when someone clicks a monetized link or buys a product that’s promoted on your blog. For example, let’s say that you’re a fashion blogger and you come up with a list of the top ten fashion trends for the year. You then create an affiliate link for each item on your list, so when someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you’ll get a commission.

If you want to be able to generate a steady income from your blogging efforts, you should seriously consider looking into affiliate marketing. Not only does it allow you to monetize your content, but it also provides you with freedom. Rather than having to think about what will generate the most sales or whether or not to advertise, you can simply create content that appeals to your audience and builds a following. Then, when you start making money from your blog, you’ll be able to afford luxuries like food, travel, and clothing – all things that you could not previously afford.

If you want to become a full-time writer, the only way to do this is to become a freelancer. Being a freelancer gives you the flexibility to work remotely and take on multiple projects at once. Not only will this allow you to make faster progress towards your goals, but it also means you’ll have more opportunities to get your content seen by more people. Being a freelancer also gives you the freedom to eat what you want, when you want, and to travel wherever you want. So if you’re serious about turning your blog into a full-time income stream, consider becoming a freelancer.