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How to Start Your Creative Writing Career on Twitter

You’ve got a good idea for a story. Maybe you want to write about football or maybe you’ve got a novel in your head but you need some inspiration. Perhaps you’ve even got a complete manuscript and now you’re looking for a publisher, but you don’t have the funds to afford a professional editing service. Whatever your inspiration, there’s probably someone on Twitter who can provide some good advice.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today with over 500 million monthly active users. If you’re looking to start a creative writing career, Twitter is a fantastic place to do so. You’ll find lots of inspiration on the platform, whether you’re looking for fiction or nonfiction, and you can follow some incredible authors who are always willing to help and engage with their followers.

The Top 10 Tips for Getting Started

If you’re looking to get started with a creative writing career on Twitter, here are some tips from experts on what you should do and how you should behave on the platform to stand out from the crowd and truly make an impact.

1. Don’t Over-React

As humans, we tend to overreact to situations. The same goes for Twitter. When you see a bad tweet or a frustrating comment, you’ll often find yourself responding with anger or frustration. This is all normal and to be expected. However, when you start to see every little thing as a potential problem, you’re going to drive yourself crazy. The best thing you can do for your writing career is ignore these kinds of distractions and focus on what’s important – your craft.

Instead of getting upset about every little thing, take a step back and chill. The same goes for when responding to comments on your work. Don’t get defensive. Simply state your case and move on. Remember: you’re not on Twitter to argue or provoke. You’re there to inspire and engage with others on a personal level.

2. Be Active

It’s well known that Twitter users who are most active are most likely to get the most engagement from other users. If you want to get noticed and have your work quoted or referenced by others, you need to be active on the platform. Whether you have 1,000 followers or 100,000 followers, you need to be posting frequently and consistently. Consistency is important here because if you post too frequently, you’ll overwhelm your followers with too much content and turn them away. They won’t have time to focus on your writing because they’ll be distracted by all the other things they have to keep up with on the platform.

When you post consistently, you’ll start to gain credibility with your followers because they know you’re going to keep the good content coming. Most importantly, posting frequently shows the world that you’re an active Twitter user who is always willing to engage with others. If you want to make an impact on Twitter, be active.

3. Build A Community

Just like any other social media platform, the people you connect with on Twitter are going to influence the kind of content you produce and the success you have on the platform. When you have a small amount of followers, you can connect with people who have a similar interest in your niche and help each other grow their communities. You can also find and connect with people with similar interests from all over the world.

By doing so, you’ll find that you’re able to access a much wider audience and provide them with content that is designed to inspire or entertain. You’ll be able to encourage other users to follow you and to contribute content to your ever-growing community. These are all essential steps to get started on Twitter as a creative writing blogger.

4. Post Good Content

As we’ve established, posting frequently and consistently is important. Doing this, you’ll start to see your content rise to the top. This is because good content will always perform better than bad content in a search result. So, you want to make sure that your content is good. When you have a bad experience with a particular publisher, you can always find another publisher or group of publishers who might be willing to work with you. However, if you have a good experience with a particular publisher, make sure to highlight this in your content. You never know when this might come in handy.

5. Customize Your Tweets

In all aspects of life, we’re always looking for ways to make things easier. When it comes to Twitter, you can take this a step further by customizing your tweets. You can change the background color, add a profile image, and modify your message’s formatting. Although, the content of your message will still be there – it won’t change so much as the way you present it to the world. In this way, you can make your Twitter experience more personalized. Now, this might not seem like a big deal but if you have a large number of followers, it can make all the difference in the world. It shows that you took the time to customize your tweets and this is quite possibly the simplest yet most effective method of gaining traction on the platform.

7. Use Hashtags

We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier. When it comes to Twitter, we can use hashtags to do this. When someone uses the right hashtags in a tweet, this can help them to identify topics that are relevant to their interests or the interests of people they follow. So, the next time you tweet, make sure to include relevant hashtags so that your content is found by those who are interested in your niche.

8. Build Up A Following

If you want to have a successful writing career on Twitter, you need to build up a following. This means gaining enough followers that your content is visible to your target audience. When you have a large number of followers, you’re going to appear to be more credible to other users on the platform. When you have a big following, you can always find a way to make money from your blog through affiliate marketing or by selling and displaying ads inside your app.

As you grow your following, make sure to keep building on the good content you’ve already produced. Instead of simply re-tweeying everything you’ve said before, take some time to grow and develop your following and use this content to build out a library of items you can re-tweet.

9. Be Creative With Your Retweeting

If you want to be seen as a credible source of information by your followers, make sure to re-tweet other users’ content selectively. In this way, you’re providing praise to the original author of the content you’re re-tweeting while also bringing value to your own followers. This is because you’re showing your audience that you’ve taken the time to find and re-tweet important content that’s relevant to their interests or the interests of people they follow. Your re-tweet should always serve a greater purpose than just saying ‘look at me’ – you want to build credibility with your audience and have them see your content as valuable information.

10. Connect With Other Writers On The Platform

There are a lot of opportunities on Twitter. You can connect with other authors, journalists, bloggers, and other content creators who have a similar interest in your niche. When you do so, you can find that there are a lot of people who are willing to help you expand your platform and increase the success you’ve already had.

So, if you’re looking to start a creative writing career on Twitter, hopefully, this post will help you to see what’s possible. Be active, consistent, and creative with your content and you can truly make an impact on this platform. You never know – maybe one day, you’ll even make me proud to be your father.