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How to Say Her Mom Wants Her to Learn Writing in Mandarin

She’s your best friend, your sister, and the mother of your child. You share everything with her – good and bad. When you’re having trouble with your homework, she’s the one you go to for help. When you’re stressed about a class you’re struggling in, she’s the one you go to for advice. When you want to write an essay, she’s the one who guides you through the whole process, helping you find the right words and structuring it so that it makes sense.

Your mom may not understand why you want to learn Chinese, but she’ll appreciate how much effort you’re making to improve your skills. She’s always supported you, and this is her way of saying “I’m proud of you, kid. Keep up the good work.” So, let her know how much you appreciate her help, and maybe she’ll even bring you a coffee so that you can work together.

Start Small

You want to start with easy phrases that she’ll understand. Maybe you want to try out a few new words or phrases to see how they sound in Chinese. You can start by using the translator on your phone to see how a Chinese phrase sounds in English. You can also look up the words and their definitions in a Chinese–English dictionary. Once you’ve found the right one, you can use it in your next conversation with her. For example, you can say:

“Hey, Mom. How’s it going?”

“Pretty good. I was just thinking about you. Do you want to go for lunch tomorrow?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Great! Then I’ll see you at 12:00.”

You can start small, simple things like this because you’re just getting the hang of it. You want to be able to talk to your mom in Chinese. You don’t want to push your luck and say something complicated or awkward because she’ll probably never understand you. So, take your time – start small, and little by little, you’ll be speaking with confidence. You can also look at how to write a letter from Chinese if you’re struggling with learning how to write. The more you practice, the faster you’ll improve. You’ll feel confident enough to talk to your mom in Chinese, and she’ll be so proud of you.

Make It A Family Night

One of the best ways to improve your Chinese is by watching movies and TV shows in the language. You can find many subtitled TV shows and movies online that you can watch for free. It’s a perfect way to improve your listening skills and learn new words and phrases. Plus, you’ll be able to follow along with the Chinese subtitles and know exactly what’s going on. When you’re done, you can discuss what you’ve seen and learned together.

If you’ve got a family vacation planned, you can ask your mom if she wants to come along. You can also make sure that she’s comfortable with the idea of learning a new language by explaining to her that you’re studying Chinese and want to spend some time practicing. It may take a while before she gets used to the idea, but eventually, she’ll see it as a positive experience and will be glad to help you improve your English.

Find A Pianist Or Guitarist

If you don’t own a guitar or a piano, you can practice with an app that many musicians use. It’s called My Guitar and it allows you to play along with a variety of songs. When you play the guitar, it will hear you and play the music back. You can also download lots of popular songs for free. It’s the perfect app for beginners who want to learn how to play guitar or piano. You can find a pianist or violinist through the same app if you’d rather play an instrument than sing. It’s a great tool for both parents and kids to use together.

Get A Chinese Teacher

If your parents can afford it, they might consider getting you a Chinese tutor. This is something you should consider if you’re serious about learning Chinese. You can find many private teachers through platforms like Chenguang and VIP Kids, but you should research the teacher’s qualifications first. You should also get a feel for how the teacher interacts with students – are they patient or stern? Are they clear about what you’re supposed to learn or do they just want to rush through it?

A qualified Chinese teacher can help you improve your speaking skills, get better at writing, and even prepare you for the Chinese Language Proficiency Test. If your mom is supportive of your decision to learn Chinese, she might even be able to help you find a teacher who will accept students even if they have kids of their own. You should put in the effort to find a good-quality Chinese teacher, and your parents will be proud to help you improve your language skills.

Take Advantage Of The Language Learners Database

The Internet is a great source of free information. Most websites contain lots of helpful content, and many of them are in Chinese. One of the best websites for learning Chinese is It contains many characters and words, and audio files that you can listen to. You can also access the database through a mobile app. If you find a word or phrase that you don’t understand, you can look it up and see how it’s used in a sentence. This can help you learn new words and phrases easily. You don’t need to memorize entire chunks of text like you do when reading books. Instead, you can listen to audio files and follow along. When you practice using this technique, you’ll find that you’re able to better grasp the meaning of the text. It’s a great tool for both parents and children to use together.

If your parents are the type of people who like to stay active, they might consider taking up a language exchange through a website like My Mandarin. It connects people with different levels of Chinese who want to practice speaking with each other in real time. When you and your mom practice together through this tool, you can increase your confidence in speaking in Chinese and even make new friends with other language learners. It’s a great way to improve your Chinese together and have fun.