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How to Read and Write Bengali Online

The internet has created a whole new world of opportunities for people who want to learn a language. Not only can you look up any words you don’t know using an online dictionary, you can also listen to audio files and read blog articles in your chosen language.

Learning a new language is a valuable skill, and there are plenty of reasons why you might want to learn Bengali. Since the 1980s, this language has become quite popular all over the world, and its native speakers even have their own celebrity status. If you’ve never tried to learn Bengali, then here are some tips on how to read and write the language online effectively.


Even though Bengali is a fairly easy language to learn, anyone who’s ever tried to master it knows that the most valuable skill you can have is the ability to read and write the language effectively. In reality, Bengali isn’t used much as a first language in everyday life, with most people instead speaking English or Hindi with their families and friends. This has created a sort of “closed language” scenario where only a few people speak it, and even fewer write it. It’s effectively become a “professional” or “academic” language.

With so few people speaking it, it’s quite difficult to learn via traditional means. However, since the 2000s, computers and the internet have become widely available, and with them, the great potential to learn a language without any previous knowledge at all. Through tools such as Rosetta Stone and Memrise, you can learn to read and write Bengali effectively even if you’ve never spoken a word in Bengali before.


If most of your interaction with the language is through writing, then it’s important to remember that not all words in Bengali are created equal. While the written language can vary a great deal, its spoken counterpart is quite consistent. For example, the word for “water” in Bengali is “পানী”. However, the suffix for “river” is “নী”. To make things more complicated, some words that begin with the letter “p” have different endings depending on whether they’re followed by a consonant or an “i” or “e” sound. This makes it quite difficult to learn the language without any previous knowledge of Bengali, since you won’t know what some of the words mean until you’ve studied the language in depth.


Learning a language is all about giving it your best shot. You cannot expect to master it overnight, and even if you do, you’ll only be able to communicate in quite basic terms. For this reason, it’s best to learn a language using examples and short texts. This way, you’ll be able to figure out quickly what words and phrases you need to know, and you won’t have to worry about making any embarrassing mistakes. You can use a number of sources to learn Bengali, including authentic literary texts, movie subtitles, and even YouTube videos. Since the internet is full of content in multiple languages, using these tools to learn a new language is quite easy and accessible.


Speaking of content, one of the most useful sites for anyone learning a language is LiveMotion. In case you don’t know, LiveMotion is a tool that allows you to create flashcards – easily the simplest and most basic type of learning tool. The great thing about these flashcards is that they allow you to not only learn words and phrases, but also the meaning of the language. For example, the English flashcard for the word “language” contains pictures of various objects and animals that are associated with English words and phrases. When you see this word or phrase, you’ll know what it means without having to look it up in a dictionary. This type of tool is quite useful for those just starting out, and even for experienced language learners, it’s still quite handy to have around. Since most people learn languages for the sake of translation, having an understanding of what words and phrases mean is quite valuable. Just remember that these flashcards aren’t a replacement for actual, structured learning – you’ll still need to attend classes or seminars once or twice a week, and do some self-study every day.


Bengali uses a modified version of the Indian script. Like many other Indian languages, Bengali is quite difficult to learn because it requires you to learn a new alphabet and a new writing system. In addition, since it’s a fairly complicated language to learn, there are a lot of rules and regulations that you have to learn and remember. While every language has its quirks and oddities, Bengali is an especially challenging language to learn, given its uniqueness. In order to read and write Bengali effectively, you must first master the following:

  • The alphabet
  • The syllable guide
  • Tone, intonation, and stress
  • The order of the letters
  • Pronunciation

If you’re serious about wanting to learn Bengali, then it would be best to find a private tutor who can help you learn the language. Not only will this be beneficial for your overall ability to learn the language, but it’ll also help you become more confident and capable in speaking with a native Bengali speaker.


[Title]: The Best Ways to Game on the Move
[Blog article]:

The Best Ways to Game on the Move

It is highly unlikely that you have ever heard of a console called the Ouya. Although it was crowd-funded and manufactured in large volumes, it never really took off. It was basically doomed to fail from the very beginning. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple. The Ouya is not compatible with any of the standard accessories that gamers have come to expect. It does not have an analog stick, nor does it have a gamepad. Those are pretty much essential for playing any console nowadays.

The good news is that none of this is stopping the device from existing. It might not have had the commercial success that many people expected, but the Ouya and others like it have paved the way for a new breed of portable consoles.

Why Are Portable Consoles Popular Now?

There are a variety of reasons why portable consoles are becoming increasingly popular. For one thing, they allow you to play your favorite games anywhere, at any time. It wouldn’t be surprising if all your gaming devices were connected to the internet, so you can always access the games that you need.

It’s also easy for gamers to transport their console to and from gamescom, E3, or even smaller game-related gatherings. What’s more is that portable consoles allow for greater flexibility when it comes to setting up your gaming room. You might want to set up a temporary office in the living room for business purposes, but gaming might be taking place in the kitchen or bedroom.

This is especially handy if you have kids who like to play during mealtimes. It’s quite common for family members to eat while watching TV or playing games together. Portability means that you can always set up the TV and console where everyone can enjoy the games.

What Are The Ouya And Others Like It?

The Ouya and others like it are what are known as “consoles”. This basically means that they sit on your desk and contain a central processing unit that runs the games. They do not have an external power source like a wall socket. Therefore, they must be plugged into your computer or other similar devices to function.

These are completely different from traditional game machines, which generate their power from an external source. Therefore, they do not require any maintenance and do not need to be plugged into a wall to work. This makes them ideal for use in any home or office environment. They’re also ideal for use on the move.

What Makes Them Special?

The unique selling point of the Ouya and others like it is that they were designed with the notion of being portable in mind. It’s quite clear that these devices were not intended to replace your desktop or laptop computer. They were designed to work alongside them.

This is quite a revolutionary idea. For years, gamers have been forced to choose between playing on a mobile device or a console. Although they are similar, the portable consoles were never meant to be a replacement for your regular PC or console. They exist to allow you to play your favorite games on the go. This includes the Ouya, as well as the ever-popular Nintendo Switch.