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How to Pitch for Copywriting Jobs – Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your resume, consider a career in copywriting. The demand for freelance copywriters is constantly increasing, which makes this a valuable job search tool. Not only will you be able to secure frequent gigs, but you’ll also be able to develop valuable skills that can be used in future job prospects. To help you with your job search, we’ve put together an expert’s guide on how to pitch for copywriting jobs.

Find Your Niche

Before you start sending out your CV’s, it’s important to figure out what kind of copy you’re best suited for. Knowing the ins and outs of these industries will certainly help you find your place in the job market. Take some time to do some research and find out what sets you apart from other candidates. This way you’ll have a clear understanding of what to pitch for and how to position yourself to be convincing in your pitches. Make sure you choose a niche that you can master and build on. Having a clear knowledge of what you’re doing will greatly improve your chances of securing a copywriting job. Most importantly, make sure that you choose a niche that you genuinely want to work in. It’s tempting to want to work in all of the most popular niches, but if that doesn’t excite you then consider something else.

Develop Strong Relationships

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to start developing your relationships. Simply put, establishing stronger connections with potential employers through word of mouth is the best way to get your foot in the door. In a similar vein, gaining a significant online following while being informative and engaging will also make you more attractive to potential employers. If you’re looking for a way to gain some credibility, consider publishing some articles on websites that are relevant to your niche. Stronger relationships will certainly help you gain access to better opportunities. As a freelance copywriter, you’ll be pitching a range of clients to secure work. Ideally, you want to be able to work with respected businesses that can help you find your feet in the industry.

Plan Your Approach

As we’ve established, having strong relationships with potential employers is critical to securing freelance copywriting jobs. You don’t want to stumble into a pitch without having done your research first, and you certainly don’t want to approach businesses without a plan. To plan your approach, firstly identify the main competitors of the business you’re pitching to. What are they doing that’s working for them and what are they missing out on that you can provide? Secondly, think of possible strategies that you can use to gain the business’ attention. Does the business have a blog that they frequently post on? Do they offer a premium service that your product or service can provide? The answers to these questions will determine the approach you can take when pitching your services to the business. You don’t want to pitch too much information without an angle. This could make you sound like a salesperson, and that’s not what you want to project to a potential employer. Your goal is to come across as an expert—someone who can provide valuable advice and solve problems.

Know Your Audience

In a nutshell, your audience is anyone who’s going to be reading your pitch. Before you start sending out your pitches, take some time to figure out who the audience is and what they want. This will greatly influence your approach. If you’re not sure who the audience is, consider using a tool like Google Analytics to find out the demographics of your website visitors. To put it simply, knowing your audience’s needs and wants will make you very attractive to potential employers. If you can provide a valuable service to people, especially the ones that they’re looking for, you’ll definitely shine above the rest. Furthermore, make sure that you’re speaking to someone who can actually make a purchase. These days, almost everyone has a digital wallet or purse, and it’s all too easy for marketers to trick them into thinking that they’re making a purchase when in fact, they’re being manipulated to make a purchase later.

Pitch In Multiple Rounds

When you’re pitching your services to a potential employer, it’s best to do so in multiple rounds. This will help you develop more connections and show them that you’re a serious contender. While it’s important to prove your expertise in specific areas, it’s also important to show that you’re a versatile worker who can handle multiple tasks. If you can demonstrate that you’re a team player, you’ll gain a great deal of credibility with a potential employer. Round one of your pitch should be short and sweet, and it should only contain the most relevant information for the potential employer. At this stage, you don’t want to overexplain and make it obvious that you’re a jack of all trades but, rather, you want to showcase your skills. This way, you’ll make a better impression and the odds of securing a copywriting job will rise.


Now that you have a plan and are starting to pitch, it’s time to practice. Take your time and find a quiet corner in your home office. Set a goal for yourself and work on completing one pitch a day. Even if you feel that you’ve got nothing more to add, it’s still beneficial to practice. The more you do, the better you’ll become. And who knows, maybe after a while, you’ll even start to see some results.

If you want to be able to land a copywriting job, it’s essential that you approach the industry with a winning attitude. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to start making money from home and the sooner you can stop feeling nervous about not having enough work. With a little bit of effort, you’ll find a way to make things work for you and eventually, you’ll find your feet in the industry. Just remember to keep at it and don’t give up!