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How to Learn French in 15 Minutes a Day?

No matter where you go in the world, everyone speaks English. So it’s never easy to learn a new language. However, thanks to technology, it’s now much easier. There are tons of apps and blogs on the internet that make it possible to learn French in no time flat. Here’s how to do it.

Use Technology

There are plenty of websites that offer French learning materials in the form of videos, podcasts, and interactive grammar drills. One of the best online tools for learning French is Memrise. With this tool, you’ll find all the materials you need in one place. Just browse through the courses or listen to some French-speaking teachers or bloggers. You can practise your French listening and reading skills by taking part in exercises or comparing your pronunciation to native speakers.

Another fantastic option for those who want to learn French is the Francophone Wikipedia. To access this online encyclopaedia, just type “Francophone Wikipedia” into the Google search bar. This tool also serves as a great complement to Memrise, as you’ll be learning from real-life examples and illustrations in an immersive, multi-media manner.

Find A Buddy

It’s always more enjoyable to study a language with someone else. One of the great things about French is that it’s a highly communicative language. This means that you’ll naturally be talking to others while you’re learning. If you’re looking for a way to improve your language skills, why not look for a native speaker to study French or conversely, take a French course with a friend? You can increase your vocabulary and gain confidence by being the master of a new language. Language exchange is a fantastic way to learn a new language, and it’s free!

If none of the above seem like a good fit, there are plenty of other ways to learn French. You can take a French course in an immersive environment, join a French-speaking society, or watch bilingual films with subtitles in the original French and English. It’s a good idea to look for volunteer opportunities in your local community or through an international organization. There are also plenty of podcasts and blogs that you can listen to or read for free, to learn new words and phrases. Don’t be afraid to explore the internet for the best resources available for learning French.

Start A Journal

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn French, why not start a journal in which you write down new words and phrases you learn. You can use a simple notebook, or you can utilize a tool like Keep, which offers a digital notebook with a web interface. You can also connect your account to services like, which provide you with course notes and due dates for all your assignments. This way, you’ll always know when you’re supposed to check back for a test or assignment. Plus, you can access your journal from anywhere, at any time, via the internet.

Record Your Voice

In addition to written and verbal language, there is another way to learn a language: through audio recordings. Through podcasts and blogs, you can follow the French pronunciation of celebrities and prominent native French speakers. You can check out Francophone YouTube to find the exact pronunciation of famous figures. Or, if you want to improve your own speaking skills, record yourself reading a poem, article, or listening to a French podcast. You can use a tool like FRITO or Dragonera to help you find the right pitch and speed for your recordings. After you’ve done that, splice together several recordings into a podcast, and push play to find out how you sound in comparison to a native French speaker.

Get Inspired

Learning a new language is difficult enough without having to worry about what to study and how to study it. To save you the effort and time required to figure it out on your own, there are many apps and blogs that can get you inspired for learning French. One of the best tools for getting inspired is the Quizlet. Quizlet is a learning tool that allows you to build your own personalized flashcards for French. As you review new vocabulary, you’ll be able to ask questions about what you’ve learned. This interactive tool allows you to learn in a way that is fun and engaging.

Memrise offers a wide variety of tools to help you learn French. You can take a quiz to assess your vocabulary knowledge, listen to native speakers, and track your progress. This is an app that can truly transform your learning experience. With a little planning and preparation, you can easily learn French and be able to communicate with natives in no time at all.