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5 Ways to Include Writing Samples in Your Online Portfolio

When you’re applying for jobs, it’s essential that your portfolio reflects your skills set accurately. However, many times this can be difficult to achieve, especially if you don’t have any samples of your work. Fortunately, there are ways to include writing samples in your online portfolio regardless of your skill level. Here are five ways to do so.

Wrap Copies of Your Published Academic Papers In My Notes

If you’ve been writing for longer than a year, then chances are you’ve published at least one academic paper in that time. While it’s important to keep track of these publications, the best way to prove your writing prowess is through example.

As a rule of thumb, whenever you get an assignment to write, try to find a way to include your previously published works in the text. Even if you’ve only had one or two papers published, it gives the impression that you’re a highly capable writer, and that your job applications will be valued more highly, because they reflect a proven record of accomplishment. Let’s say you’ve been tasked to write an advertisement for a company that makes office equipment. In order to do so, you will need to include a sample of your academic writing. When you search for examples of academic papers that deal with the topic of your ad, you will find numerous matches. Now, it’s a good idea to tailor your writing to the specific requirements of the task, but still, it will give you an opportunity to showcase your skills.

Create A List Of Publications That Illustrate Your Skills

A great way to prove your writing ability is to simply list your published works. This will not only demonstrate your ability to write (hence the importance of including examples), but will also act as a great reference point for any potential employers. If you’re searching for samples of academic papers, then obviously you’ll need to do some research on the topic, or at the very least, you’ll need to have some background knowledge. This is going to be easier said than done, but if you make a point to sit down and make a list of your publications, then it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to come up with a decent sample in no time.

Include Short Stories And Essays

If you’re looking for a simple way to include some writing samples in your portfolio, then try for short stories or essays. These types of works can easily be found online, and although they may seem like a humble beginning, they can give you the chance to practice your writing and improve your skill-set. The best part about these short stories and essays is that they are often times not assigned, so you are not going to have any trouble finding samples to include in your portfolio. In the scenario above, let’s say that you are applying for a job as a copywriter, and in order to prove your skills, you decide to include some short stories or essays in your portfolio. Search for copywriters in your area and you will come across many different samples that you can use to demonstrate your writing prowess.

Include Something From Philosophy Or Literature

This is actually two suggestions in one, but since they are going to be relevant to each other, let’s just put them together. You can take a look at any highly regarded writer’s portfolio and you will see that they often include some interesting quotes or passages from literature. These types of samples will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but give you the opportunity to showcase your cultural sensitivity and great command of language. If you’re applying for an English position, then this could be the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

When you’re writing your career summary, or any other part of your portfolio, make sure to include some interesting quotes from literature, whether they are famous quotes or meaningful ones. You can also include anecdotes from your life that are relevant to the industry you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a sales position, then you could include stories about yourself that relate to the value you’d bring to the table.

Use An Outstanding Virtual Office To Support Your Work

Even if you’ve been writing for years and you already have a considerable body of work, it’s still essential that you get samples of your writing, as well as a way to showcase your skills. One option is to use an excellent virtual office that can support your work. A virtual office is essentially a way to make your writing experience effortless. For instance, if you’re traveling for work, then you could use one of these offices to access the internet, send and receive emails, and make phone calls using a headset. Even if you’re not physically in an office, the skills you develop using a virtual office are applicable to your day-to-day work life.

Ultimately, you need a way to give your potential employers a good idea of what you’re capable of. Sometimes, this can be difficult to achieve, especially if you don’t have any previous experience. Luckily, there are ways to include writing samples in your online portfolio, and although it may seem like a daunting task, the results are well worth it.