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How to Improve Your Creative Writing and Speaking Skills

A good creative writer is in high demand, and there are many opportunities to develop your skills via online courses, workshops, and conferences. Whether you’re looking to break into writing or you’re already enjoying success with your creative non-fiction, this article will help you to develop your craft and become the best version of yourself.

Start A Blog

A personal blog can be a fantastic vehicle for your creative writing and valuable life lessons. It’s a simple, yet effective way of keeping a diary, or even a book of essays, and it has a massive global audience. If you’re new to blogging, then start a blog about a relatively easy topic, such as life in the UK, to gain some experience and establish yourself as an authoritative voice online.

As an author, your blog can provide you with with a steady stream of content to help you build your audience. Once you’ve built a small following, you can move on to more challenging topics, such as politics or current events, where your insights will be sought after. If you can connect personal experience with a compelling narrative, your reader will be able to relate to your content, and you’ll find that your blog posts gain more traction.

Attend Conferences

There are many opportunities to learn at conferences. Not only will you be able to network with other authors, journalists, and bloggers, but you’ll also have the opportunity to present your work in progress, receive feedback, and develop your skills further. Conferences let you dive into any topic you choose, and there will always be someone there to help you navigate the complex world of publishing. If you’re in the UK, check out the Guardian University Book Fair, Shelf Awareness Week, or the Sheffield Doc Fest for a chance to learn more and connect with industry professionals.

Take Courses

If you’re looking to improve your skills and looking for some genuine education, then consider taking a writing course or a speech course. If you’re passionate about creative writing, then look for a course that focuses on developing stories and characters via blank verse or free verse. If you’re looking for real-world experience, then take a journalism course and gain work experience at a newspaper or magazine. If you’re looking for a flexible curriculum then take a year out and gain new skills in a range of industries. Don’t forget about the wealth of free study material online, either โ€“ a good ol’ Google search will turn up plenty of opportunities to better yourself via books and courses.

Develop Your Platform

Once you’ve established yourself as an authoritative voice in your chosen field via a blog or other publications, it’s time to build upon that platform and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. The best way to do this is via social media โ€“ create engaging content that will keep your audience coming back for more. If you have a large enough following on social media, you can take advantage of trending topics and engage with people on a real-time basis. If you’re looking for a way to expand your network, consider creating a series of blog posts around a single theme โ€“ replying to a number of questions, for example, or doing a Q&A series.

Building a following on social media is a lot of work, but it’s a strategy that many successful authors, journalists, and bloggers have used to great effect. Once you’ve got 100,000 followers on your Instagram account, for example, you can use the platform to host live chats with industry professionals, run meme-worthy competitions, and much more. With so much opportunity to grow and develop your skills, why not make the most of it?