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How to Get Paid to Write Short Stories

Shorts—stories that are shorter than the typical novel—are a popular choice amongst the rising generation of novelists. Though there are no exact figures available, the New York Times cited research that suggests that the total global revenue for short story collections and novels will be the same in 2020.

While traditional publishing houses are still embracing the short story, the rise of self-publishing offers a new opportunity to independent authors. Ebooks are making the world of short stories more accessible to everyone, since a tablet or a laptop can be used to read e-books, or even write one oneself.

Here are just some of the ways short stories are making money for content creators and publishers.

Live Chat And Consulting

Forbes writer Mark Schierbeek suggests that live chat and consulting will be the next big thing in 2020. Having worked with numerous brands to build online communities, establish trust, and increase engagement, he predicts that virtual consulting and live chat will emerge as important elements of a business’ online strategy.

While there are no hard figures available, Schierbeek cites several examples of multi-billion dollar brands that have heavily invested in this area, including HubSpot, which is used by over a million businesses worldwide and earns over $20 million per year from its live chat service.

In addition to HubSpot, several other companies have also introduced paid live chat services in the past year. These services allow businesses to have real-time, one-to-one interactions with customers, providing an enhanced experience and opportunity for two-way communication.


Thanks to the popularity of YouTube stars and Instagrammers who use storytelling to capture and retain audiences, many content creators are discovering the financial potential of the short story.

As a result, short stories are experiencing a surge in popularity, resulting in many outlets, including The New Yorker, publishing special issues focused solely on the form. Many traditional magazines, such as The Atlantic, are also choosing to highlight the short story as a way of experimentating with digital storytelling.

If you’re looking to enter the world of short stories, you already know that there’s a demand for your work. Just remember: you’ll be competing for the attention of busy people who have plenty of options, so make sure that your story is special.