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How to Get Paid to Write About Mental Illness

For those who consider themselves to be especially passionate about mental health issues, there are several lucrative writing gigs that you can explore. You can write for a pharmaceutical company in regard to new drug discoveries or you can write for a mental health magazine on the various treatments available. There are many options for mental health writers’ jobs available online that you can pursue as a side gig to your day job. If you’re a talented writer who specializes in mental health issues, you can become a regular contributor for an online publication or earn substantial side income from a blog. This article will teach you the various ways in which you can make money off your hobby of writing about mental health.

Get Paid To Blog For A Mental Health Magazine

One of the more intriguing opportunities available to mental health writers is to get paid to blog for a mental health magazine. You will need to possess an exceptionally high level of talent to be able to pull off this type of side gig, but if you’re able to, it can be very lucrative. The best part about this type of gig is that you can very easily transition into a regular writing gig for the magazine once you’ve gotten the hang of it. The upside is that you get to explore a topic that you’re truly passionate about in relation to a sector that you find interesting. The downside is that this is likely to be part-time work at best and it can be extremely demanding, especially if you’re not used to handling your own blog. If this type of gig interests you, check out HealthRadiiomics, Medical Daily, and Medical Quotient, among others, to see if they have any blogging opportunities available. Alternatively, you can start your own blog and see if you can get some traction with your audience.

Get Paid To Pen A Children’s Book Revealing Mental Health Lessons

Another lucrative side gig for mental health writers is to pen a children’s book, which can include both fiction and non-fiction aspects, revealing mental health lessons. The amount of money that you can make via this side gig is pretty high, and it can provide you with a steady income stream for years to come. Children’s books are obviously quite popular, so there’s definitely an audience out there for your type of book. The downsides to this side gig are similar to that of the blogging gig mentioned above. It can be extremely time-consuming to write a children’s book and you have to be especially skilled to pull of this type of gig. Furthermore, you’ll have to pitch your services to publishers, who may or may not choose to pick up your book. If you want to pursue this side gig, be prepared to be patient.

Make Money Off Your Blog By Offering Advice To Those In Need Of Counseling Or Mental Health Care

Mental Health Awareness Week is here, which means that the stigma surrounding mental illness has officially begun to dwindle. More and more people are coming forward to speak publicly about their experiences, leading to a greater understanding of the issues that plague those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and addiction. In recent years, the number of people seeking counseling and therapy has risen, so if you are passionate about mental health issues, you can use your blog to help those who are struggling by offering them advice or suggestions on how to get the help that they need.

Blogs aren’t just about sharing your thoughts and feelings, they can also be used to educate and inform others. If you’re passionate about a particular topic, you can use your blog to help others who are struggling with the same issues by sharing your knowledge and experience. It’s a win-win situation, as long as you’re not trying to directly profit from your blog (i.e. selling and promoting products related to your blog’s content). If this sounds like a fit, you can use tools like Astory, which will allow you to produce and publish a blog in a matter of minutes, to start your own blog. From there, you can share your story with the world and help others by providing them with tips and advice on how to manage their mental health.

Make Money With An Online Teaching Platform

If you’re an exceptionally skilled and talented writer who specializes in mental health issues, you can earn a decent living as a freelancer or contract writer for various companies and brands. One of the more innovative companies that provides freelance writing opportunities is They offer a wide range of freelance writing opportunities, from content creation to SEO and copy-writing for websites. What makes this site stand out is that they connect you with potential clients, who may choose to pay you directly for your work. This means that you don’t need to create content in order to make money with this site, you can simply create as much content as you can and wait for the money to come in. The downside is that this may not be the most reliable of the side gigs mentioned above, as there is no guarantee that you’ll get paid for your work. Overall, it’s still a lucrative side gig that allows you to create content as much as you want, when you want.

Get Paid To Film Interviews And Presentations

If you have an eye for creative storytelling and a natural knack for speaking with celebrities, you can become a freelance film interviewer or production assistant for major studios and brands. One of the more exciting opportunities available to creative writers is to get paid to film interviews and presentations. You will need to possess excellent communication skills and a natural talent for storytelling in order to pull of this side gig, but the paychecks can be quite lucrative. The downside to this side gig is that it can be extremely demanding, as you’ll be doing a lot of traveling and filming. On the other hand, the benefits include the ability to create content that you are proud of and the opportunity to speak with some of the biggest names in entertainment. If this sounds like a fun and exciting side gig to you, you can start by creating interview/documentary ideas and meeting with the in-house creative team at your day job, before pursuing this as a freelancer. At the very least, you’ll have fun story ideas to tell your friends, family, and viewers on social media.

Get Paid To Answer Questions About Your Special Interest

If you have a special talent or expertise in a particular area of mental health and you’re able to connect the dots between your area of expertise and the needs of others, you can use your skills to get paid to answer questions about your special interest. For example, if you have a question about adolescents who struggle with anxiety, you can use your knowledge of child development to provide insight into the issue. Or, if you have a question about OCD in adults, you can use your expertise to provide advice on how to help them manage their compulsion.

You can develop specialized expertise in a number of different areas, including education, parenting, or addiction, and use that expertise to get paid to answer questions about that area. What makes this type of gig unique is that it provides you with an opportunity to utilize your knowledge while getting paid for it. Ultimately, it’s the combination of being paid to answer questions and being able to utilize your expertise that makes this type of side gig quite appealing.

Hopefully, you now see how being a creative writer, in one way or the other, can provide you with several lucrative side gigs, providing you with the ability to earn money from a subject that you’re passionate about. This article provided you with an overview of several lucrative gigs that you can pursue as a creative writer, who specializes in mental health issues. Be sure to check out some of the websites, forums, and blogs that were mentioned above, as well as Iftttt and Get Paid 4 Free, which provide you with extra income streams, should you decide to pursue any of these side gigs. Thanks for reading! I hope this article gave you some interesting ideas on how to get paid to write about mental health. If you have any questions about how to become a freelance writer, feel free to contact me directly at I’d be happy to help and provide additional information as needed.