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How to Get Paid Before Writing Your Book

So you are interested in writing a book. Fantastic! There are several options available to you to make this dream a reality. One of those options is to get paid to write your book.

The nice thing about getting paid to write a book is that you do not need to go through a traditional publishing process to make it available to the general public. You can use one of the self-publishing platforms to put it out there yourself and to get paid for it. Many traditional publishers will happily work with you directly to get your manuscript published if you prefer to go that route. But you can also choose to bypass them and go the self-publishing route.

The Pros And Cons Of Ebook Self-Publishing

If you decide to go the self-publishing route and get paid to write your book, you will need to consider several things before making your decision. First, decide whether you will go the traditional or the modern route to publish your ebook. Most people opt for a hybrid model where they produce both print and ebook versions of their work. This way, they can have the best of both worlds.

The traditional route is to have your work edited, formatted, and prepared for publication by a team of professionals. For a more hands-on approach, you can choose to go the self-publishing route.

The cons of self-publishing are many. First, you will need to build up a decent sized audience before you can get serious about getting paid to write. Most self-published authors find themselves in a race to make money before their works go out of print. This can leave you open to predatory pricing and discounting by some unscrupulous businesses.

On the plus side, you will not need to go through a traditional publishing process that can be both time consuming and expensive. Instead, you can opt for an indie or a small-press publishing route and get your books published in a shorter amount of time with fewer costs. You will also be in full control of your work with no outside influences. Traditional publishers may want to change your story or outline to suit their needs. With self-publishing, you have full ownership of your manuscript.

The Difference In Quality

Another important factor to consider when getting paid to write your book is the quality of the written work itself. People who decide to go the self-publishing route often opt for a more relaxed writing style, aiming for “punchy” or “light” reading levels. This way, they can have something to sell that is instantly available to the public.

If you are aiming for a more “traditional” look and feel, you can take a course to improve your writing ability. You can find writing tutors who can help you become a better writer. Alternatively, you can hire someone to edit and format your book for you. Hiring professional editors to do this can cost you hundreds of dollars, but the end product will be worth it.

Earning Potential

The last thing anyone wants when getting paid to write a book is to start out poor and then get rich off selling your work. Before you begin writing, create a mockup of what your book will look like complete with a table of contents and outline the plot of your story. This way, you will know exactly how much you will be able to earn per day and how much you will need to budget for.

When you do finally begin writing, start out by outlining chapter lengths and writing a chapter a day. This will help you build up your confidence as you go and give you the opportunity to find your voice. There is no rush to complete your book as you go along. Take your time and do what needs to be done.

As you write your book, be sure to put in the research required. If you are using sources, cite them correctly and make sure that your book adheres to any reputable citation styles. When finished, submit your manuscript to a reliable copyeditor to polish it up and prepare it for publication. And finally, upload your finished book to a host such as Amazon to make it available for people to purchase. 

If you have decided to get paid to write your book, the next step is to begin the process by creating a writing portfolio. This can be done by either putting together a blog or starting a social media account to showcase your work. Post regularly on these platforms to build up your audience. Once you have a decent sized audience, apply for membership to a professional organization that focuses on freelance writing such as the Author’s Guild. Becoming a member of an established organization that can provide you with contacts in your field is essential for getting hired. Many groups also offer mentoring sessions as part of their membership packages, so you can learn from more experienced authors.

To get paid to write your book, begin by figuring out how much you will need to make. Once you know that amount, you can begin searching for publishers who are looking to buy a book on the topic you have chosen. Some of these publishers may even have an informal rule that all submissions must be from an unpublished writer. Once you have one accepted, you can begin the process of writing the book itself.