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How to Get a Writing Job with an English Degree

With the number of freelance writing gigs expanding year after year, more and more people are looking to cash in on the trend. However, in order to do this, they need to first qualify for the position, which can be a difficult feat. You’ll need to possess certain qualities that the average employer looks for, but you might not necessarily have, which could end up being your downfall. Don’t fret, this article will help you figure out how to get a writing job with an English degree so you can live your best life while contributing to the world of literature. Continue reading and find out what you need to do to earn your stripes.

Decide What You’ll Be Writing

It’s important to determine what kind of content you’ll be producing before you start developing ideas for articles. Deciding on this early in the process will help you establish the right tone and language for your work. For example, if you’re writing for a business journal, you may want to choose words that are more professional. On the other hand, if you’re writing for a general audience, you may want to choose simpler language.

Once you’ve established the general idea for the kind of content you’re going to be creating, take some time to explore various topics that you could write about. Think of something that’s been bothering you and you want to talk about and see if there’s any content out there that can help provide some information on the matter. In many cases, you can find an expert to interview, or you may decide to do some independent research. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to come up with a story idea that was completely out of the blue!

Developing Your Writing Style

A critical aspect of any writing gig is being able to write in a manner that makes the reader interested in what you have to say. A lot of this comes down to your writing style, so it’s important to develop one that’s consistent throughout your articles. There are a few tried and tested ways to write effectively, which you can utilize to create the writing style you dream of.

The single most effective thing you can do to develop your writing style is to read a lot. One of the best things about reading is that it allows you to discover different perspectives and tones. Reading a variety of genres will allow you to develop an understanding of how different authors structure their pieces and use language. Structuring your articles around some of the best-known pieces in the English language will also help you refine your writing style. The most effective way of all to develop your writing style is to read a lot and then to write a lot. Ultimately, you’ll find that the more you write, the better you’ll become at it.

Make Sure You Practice

Even people who are good at speaking with clarity and conciseness can improve their deliveries with practice. In the same way, those who are good at writing can become that much better with practice. For this reason, make sure you put in the necessary time and effort to practice writing regularly. The more you practice, the better you’ll become at it. However, don’t just focus on perfecting your sentences and paragraphs; as with any other talent or skill, you should also be aiming to perfect your overall writing style. In this way, you’ll be able to write more effectively and efficiently in the future. Practice makes perfect, and perfection is what you’re looking for in this instance.

Get A Name For Yourself

An easy way to stand out from the crowd is to give your articles a name that is both memorable and unique. This way, when potential employers and clients come across your work, they’ll know exactly what you are and where you fit in the industry. For the best results, you can find a name that is both easy to pronounce and to spell. One way of achieving this is to write the word for which you’re looking for inspiration in the English dictionary. Take your pick from among: blog, website, magazine, newspaper, or even book. You can also take a look at our guide to find the top 50 girl scout nouns and see if there’s one that suits you perfectly.

Research The Industry

Just because you have an English degree doesn’t mean you’re automatically qualified to write for businesses. After all, not all businesses are created equal, and there are many different kinds of businesses out there. Before you apply for any positions, you should do your research into the particular industry. Just because a company is in the business of selling shoes doesn’t mean that they only need people with experience in writing about fashion.

To find the perfect job, you need to find a cuckoo clock in the shape of a shoe.

Doing your research will expose you to different kinds of businesses and careers, which can only help you in your quest for employment. Plus, you can also find out what skills and experience the business wants in their employees.

Develop A Pitch

If you’ve ever been involved in any form of storytelling, then you already have a good idea of what a pitch is. Essentially, a pitch is a short story that you’ll use to introduce yourself to an employer or potential client. Your pitch should consist of a concise summary of the kind of content you’re capable of producing and for what kind of publication. Remember: concise but comprehensive.

Having a pitch will help you sell yourself as an employee or contractor and allow you to put your best foot forward. Many professionals have pitched for various companies and publications, and being able to do the same is a great way to demonstrate your skills and professionalism. Take some time to craft a short pitch that will make the employer realize you’re the guy for the job.

Find A Mentor

While we advise you to get a writing job with an English degree, we also want to let you know that this isn’t always an easy road to follow. In many cases, getting started can be difficult, and even more so if you haven’t really established yourself as an authority in your chosen industry. If you’re looking to break into freelance writing and don’t have any prior credentials, then your first step should be to find a mentor.

In many cases, finding a mentor isn’t that difficult. You just have to be willing to put in the necessary time and effort. Once you’ve found one, begin by meeting with them once a week, or whenever possible, to discuss your progress and get feedback on your work. Through this, you’ll be able to develop the skills you need to be a successful writer.

If you’re looking to become a full-time freelancer, then doing any one of the above should put you on the right track to getting a writing job that will allow you to live your best life. Good luck out there.