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How to Get a Niche Writing Job – From A to Z

Niche writing is a type of online content that usually caters to a specific audience, interest or demographic. The most popular niches include:

  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Holidays
  • Fashion

The advantage of writing for a niche is that you can usually find a decent amount of interested readers, or subscribers to your channel. Because your content is usually quite niche, it’ll probably appeal to a smaller audience and be more efficient (in terms of content and time spent).

If you can become the go-to source for information on your chosen topic, you’ll be able to carve out a niche for yourself, and land a job in the process.

Decide On A Niche

Before you begin your search for a niche, you should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. To that end, ask yourself:

  • What do I enjoy most about writing?
  • What do I find interesting?
  • What type of topics can I bring value to?
  • Where do I see myself in terms of employment and earning potential?
  • What are my specific skills and expertise?
  • What does the future of my industry look like?

By thinking about these questions, you’ll be able to narrow your focus, and pinpoint an area of study that you’re passionate about. As a result, you’ll be able to produce content that’s much more suited to your audience, and allow you to build a platform and brand around that topic.

For instance, if your favorite subject is food, but you see yourself mostly as a writer for recipes, consider looking into restaurant cuisine. Or if you’re most passionate about travel, but you see yourself more as a destination guide, consider exploring Africa or South America.

When choosing a niche, you should also bear in mind the competition. In the world of niche writing, some very popular topics can become extremely crowded, which can put you at a disadvantage when it comes down to gaining employment. If possible, do some research into the popularity of your chosen niche, and consider the types of people that usually flock to that subject matter.

Build Your Platform

Once you’ve decided upon a topic, your next step is to build your platform. This involves creating content that’s both informative and compelling. To achieve this, you’ll need to become an expert in your chosen topic. To gain credibility, you should establish yourself as an authority in your field. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to get a niche writing job:

Find Your Voice

When it comes to creating content that’s both informative and compelling, you’ll need a voice that’s relatable to and trustworthy for your audience. It’s great if you can interview or take a look from an outsider’s point of view, but it’s even better if you can give your own personal experiences. In terms of gaining trust, establishing yourself as an expert, and becoming the go-to source for information, you’ll be able to carve out a niche as a writer, and earn a decent amount of money, while doing what you love.

Create Useful Resources For Your Audience

When writing for a niche, you want to create content that’s both useful and engaging for your readers. To achieve this, you’ll need to do your research, and become an expert in your chosen topic. Once you’ve done that, create downloadable resources that’ll be both useful and interesting for your audience. This could include books, cheat sheets, checklists, or anything else that you think might be helpful. Having these resources will allow you to truly become the go-to source for information on your topic, and will make you much easier to contact if anything does happen.

Make Connections

Another important step in setting up your freelance writing career is to make connections. This involves building a strong network, and contacting people in your industry. To begin with, you could contact bloggers, podcasters, or online business owners, who may be interested in engaging with you, or your content.

If you can become the most popular guide to your chosen topic, you’ll have a leg up in terms of gaining credibility and connections. Ideally, you should aim to develop solid, long-term relationships with your contacts, which can lead to more opportunities. Also, try to develop a strong platform, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. With that kind of recognition, you’ll be able to gain access to powerful contacts, who may be able to get you job leads, or even introduce you to the people who run the businesses you’re writing for.

Get Connected

Once you’ve decided that freelance writing is the right fit for you, your next step is to get connected. To do that, you’ll need to register with professional associations, and connect with people in your industry. Finally, take advantage of social media. With thousands of bloggers, journalists, and other creators active on social media, it’s an ideal place to find like-minded individuals, who may be interested in your content, or would value your opinion.

Creating useful resources for your audience, and then making connections are both vital to securing a niche writing job. With a little bit of luck, and a lot of hard work, you too can be the go-to source for your chosen topic. From A to Z.