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How to Find a Job with a Writing Degree?

People with a writing degree may not see many opportunities for their skills in the real world, but there are many jobs out there that they can go for. Many of these jobs may not require them to be a professional writer, but they can certainly use their writing skills on a daily basis.

This article will discuss some of the options available to students who want to build a career in writing.

Become A Freelancer

For those who have completed their degree and are now looking for a job, nothing represents the opportunities in writing more than becoming a freelancer. A freelance writer is someone who creates content for businesses or individuals and is not employed by one particular company. They may be commissioned for a piece and paid per piece or they may be asked to write a series of articles and get paid per article.

Since there are no boundaries to where a freelancer can send their work, the opportunities are truly limitless. While some prefer to specialize in one area such as SEO writing or content creation for websites, it is definitely acceptable to write about anything under the sun!

The great thing about being a freelancer is that you are your own boss and can set your own hours. If you have strong writing skills and can prove that you can produce quality work on a consistent basis, then this is a field that may interest you.

Start A Blog

Blogs are a great way to build your portfolio and to establish yourself as an expert in your field. A blog is a sort of online diary that you can use to write about whatever you want, including your experiences as a student. Since blogs are essentially just websites that are updated on a regular basis, you can use this platform to gain experience in web design and to establish yourself as an expert in SEO writing or content creation for websites.

If you have a specific topic that you want to write about, then you can look for a topic for which you have the qualifications and the interest. In the meantime, you can use this platform to build your writing portfolio and to establish yourself as an expert in SEO writing or content creation for websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of enhancing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website or blog from search engines such as Google. In general, SEO involves using specific techniques to optimize the way your website or blog is displayed in search results for keywords and key phrases associated with your industry.

To make sure your SEO is up to date and you are taking advantage of all available opportunities, you should look into taking at least one course on SEO writing or SEO strategy. Being able to write in the proper style for search engines will greatly enhance your position in online searches.

Content Marketing

In content marketing, you will be creating and distributing high-quality content to attract, engage and educate potential customers. This type of marketing usually involves creating valuable articles, videos, and other types of content to be used online and in other marketing campaigns. To succeed as a content marketer, you will need to be able to write in a compelling and engaging way about your target audiences, industry knowledge, and of course content that is valuable to your audiences.

With so much competition in today’s world, knowing how to write for different platforms with differing purposes is essential. With that in mind, you should look for a role that will allow you to continue writing for different platforms and get paid for your efforts.


If you have a good eye for grammar and spelling, then you can look for an editing role where you will be fixing other people’s work. To be successful in this field, you will need to be dedicated to detail and be able to demonstrate that you can improve the work of others while maintaining the voice and style of the original author.

As you gain experience, you can advance to become an editor for a larger company or launch your own freelance editing business. Since you will be working with different projects on a regular basis, you can build your portfolio with plenty of experience to draw upon when you are looking for a new position.


If you have a keen interest in journalism, then you can look for a role in a local newspaper or magazine. To be a successful journalist, you will need to have the ability to write news stories, analyze news events, and have a strong command of the English language. You will also need to be able to follow extensive deadlines and ensure that your work is of a high quality. In addition, you may be required to have a thick skin and be able to deal with criticism.

Since your work may be considered as both a public and private personification, it is essential that you learn how to properly approach sensitive issues while maintaining your journalistic integrity.


If you have a talent for getting the point across concisely and compellingly, then you can look for a copywriting role where you will be taking written or audio content and turning it into compelling advertising or marketing material, pitching the product or service or promoting a specific theme or idea.

Innumerable businesses operate solely on the strength of their websites, blogs, and other online content. To succeed in this field, you will need to be able to write persuasively and compellingly about your target audiences, with a knack for making complex ideas easily understandable.

As with many other occupations, freelancing offers fantastic opportunities both in terms of what you can learn and how you can develop yourself as a professional. Being able to build a successful career in writing is a real testament to your talents and drive.