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How to Describe a Church – Creative Writing for Churches

The most unique and creative aspect of any Christian church or religious institution is its sermon. The pastor or priest will often come up with new and exciting ways to challenge, inspire, and entertain the congregation through their words. It is a truly unique and incredible way to connect with your audience and bring your message to life!

What does that mean for you as an aspiring or practicing writer? You can use your creative writing skills to craft unique, one-of-a-kind sermons to describe your church for worshipers and potential new members. This is a great way to stand out from your competitors while also providing a glimpse into the inspiring world of your faith.

The Types of Sermons You Will Need

No matter what church you choose to describe, you will need to consider the various styles of preaching that exist. Today, we will discuss the most common types of sermons that you will encounter, along with some suggestions on how to write each one uniquely.

The Traditional Sermon

This is what you have probably heard hundreds of times before. The standard service delivered in almost every church across the globe. It usually begins with a short introduction which sets the scene and gives the basic information on who God is and what the Bible is about. After the introduction, the scripture readings are typically set and the preacher begins to expound upon what the Bible says. This is where you will find the more traditional messages, usually heard over and over again. These are the ones with a clear structure and format, containing lots of direct quotes from the Bible. They usually aim to inspire and challenge the audience with thought-provoking content.

The Ethical Sermon

This sermon type focuses upon the application of the Bible to our everyday lives. The preacher will often speak about real-life situations and how the good things described in the Bible can help us overcome the bad things we face in our everyday lives. It is usually themed around a contemporary topic and tries to provoke thought and discussion after the sermon. The goal is to help the audience understand that the Word of God can help them in their daily walk and to provoke them to apply what they have heard to their own lives. This sermon requires you to have a particular skill set that goes beyond just the writing ability alone. You will need to consider your audience and how you will engage them while also imparting complex theological ideas. This takes a lot of research, preparation, and practice.

The Political Sermon

This sermon speaks about current events, social justice, and how church members can get involved in their community. It is usually quite liberal in its outlook and frequently advocates for a cause that is quite controversial. The church will often encourage its members to get involved and use their voices to make a difference. It can be quite opinionated and polarizing, encouraging listeners to either agree or disagree with the speaker depending upon their political perspective. These sermons will require you to have a strong voice and an engaging way of speaking. You will need to research the causes and figures involved, speaking slowly and clearly so that everyone can understand you.

The Romantic Sermon

This one is for the music lovers among us. The preacher will encourage the congregation to open their hearts to God’s Word and be captivated by the poetic language and stirring music. It will often be a story of love, loss, and redemption, filled with metaphors and imagery. You may want to consider writing an opera or musical based upon this type of sermon. You will need a skilled singing voice as well as the ability to write beautiful and compelling music. This sort of sermon typically ends with a call and response section where the audience chants or sings along with the music. It creates a memorable moment that will be incorporated into sermons forevermore.

Why Are These Types Of Sermons Common?

You might be wondering why these types of sermons are so popular. It’s quite likely that if you are reading this, you are searching for a church that fits into one of these categories. These are the types of sermons that you will find most frequently because they fit the needs of the people who attend those churches. It doesn’t mean that your church will never preach about an earthquake, cancer, or a natural disaster. But it does mean that you give it some thought and know what style you want going into the sermon.

What is important is that you feel you can bring something new to the table. You want to write a unique sermon that will speak to the people at your church and encourage them to engage with your message. You should never underestimate the power of a good story, unique language, and an interesting take on a familiar topic. It can have the same impact as an earthquake or a hurricane – in terms of bringing people together in a common cause and inspiring them to act, even when the world seems against them.

Above all else, make sure that your church community feels like they are walking away with something new and positive from your creative writing. You want to evoke a feeling of joy within them that will inspire them to continue discussing theology and challenging themselves with your words. This is your chance to shine!