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How Much of Your Money Goes to the Writer?

As a self-publishing author, you’re no doubt bombarded with statistics and figures that purport to tell you how much your book is worth. But what if I told you it wasn’t quite as simple as that? What if I asked you to put aside a specific amount of your earnings from your book, and invest it in another book? Would you do it?

Why Are Book Values So Vague?

When you get your first royalty check for your book, you’ll be tempted to jump right into planning your next book campaign. But before you do, take a deep breath and try to put yourself in your author’s shoes for a moment.

How easy will it be for you to sell a big number of books given your track record? Consider that currently, there is no set price for e-books. So if you do find a publisher, and the contract calls for you to be paid a certain amount for each copy sold, how much will you actually be earning? Not much, if any at all!

What this means is that while your book may be a financial success, you’re essentially losing money because you haven’t actually made any. This also means your royalties will decline over time, putting you in a hole financially. To top it off, you’ll have spent all your money on printing and distribution, and nothing on marketing or promoting your book. This is why most authors never enjoy their first taste of royalty money; because they know it won’t be enough to live on comfortably.

So let’s change that, shall we? Let’s reinvest the money we’re earning back in our books. If you agree, keep reading!

Is This Book Worth Publishing?

If you’re looking to publish your book with a traditional publisher, you’ll most likely be shown an approximation of how much your book is currently worth. Some of these valuations can be extremely high, even in the hundreds of thousands. But before you go ahead and sign the dotted line, ask yourself if this is really the best use of your money. Does this seem like a good investment to you? What is the potential return on this investment?

There are a wide variety of factors you’ll need to consider before answering these questions. The basics of your book will determine how much money you’ll need to invest in it. What are you going to do with the book once you’ve written it? Are you going to publish it yourself? If so, how much does it cost you to do so? What about the royalties? How much are you willing to risk?

With so much uncertainty, you may be wondering if it’s even worth it to invest in a book at all. After all, you may never be able to recoup your investment. What are the odds of your book becoming a bestseller? The chances of this are incredibly slim, and even if it does, it’ll likely be years before you see any returns on your investment.

On the other hand, if you do decide to invest in a book, you’ll have the opportunity to multiply your earnings later on. What this means is that while you’re losing money now, you may be able to make it back many times over later on when you sell the paperback or hardback of your book. When it comes to investing in a book, sometimes you have to lose money now in order to make it back later. But is this really a good idea? Is this the best use of your talents and resources? Think long term. What is your end goal?

Are you looking to make a quick buck? If so, consider other opportunities that don’t require as much effort. There are plenty of money-making ventures out there that don’t require as much investment, so you may stand a better chance of making a profit later on. Do your research and invest in what you feel is right for you.

Is Publishing A Book Worth It? More Than You’d Think.

To end this article, let’s revisit our opening question. Is publishing a book worth it? More than you’d think, actually. There are a number of advantages to self-publishing, not the least of which is the freedom to create the book how you see fit. There are also a number of disadvantages, primarily due to the costs involved in doing so. But if you want to write a book, and you want to see it published, then the odds are in your favor, whether you do it yourself or through a publisher.

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